You asshole!

I was called an asshole yesterday. I decided last minute to attend my friend's 'just because' party. A whole group of co-workers I knew were also invited. During the night, one of the co-workers, also a dear friend of mine, shared about my day as the musical guest at Sacred Center. She was incredibly moved by my performance and insisted that I should make a CD. I was humbled by her passion. I had no idea anyone thought my singing abilities were in the realm of life changing! I shared how 2010 has been my year of transition. I changed from focusing solely on musical theatre to focusing on hosting and commercials. I will continue to sing, but no more voice lessons for me!

That's when she called me an asshole. She tells me that it is not right that I can sing the way I do and not record a CD. I have been given a rare talent, she explains, and I must use it to share.

Wow. As shocked as I was for a split second, I immediately snapped into recognition of what it was: a compliment. I'm moved! That's incredible! Her faith in my abilities is inspiring. I am so honored that she believes in my talent with so much passion. But again, I reply, I have many talents. Singing is just one of them (and I honestly don't think I'm CD material). I'm not going to stop singing--I'm just not going to pursue it professionally.

She was not hearing it! How dare I not use a God given talent like that?! It got me thinking: if you have a gift, are you ethically required to share it with the world? Maybe you're the only one that has it? What if Whitney Houston never sang? What if Michael Jordan never played basketball? What if Barack Obama never ran for office?

Immediately, I had an answer. Justin Timberlake acts, Gwyneth Paltrow sings, and Ellen dances. Just because you're given a gift doesn't mean it is the only one. We all have many skills we're meant to share. We're all multiple-faceted. And maybe I'm so passionate about talking now simply because it's a skill that will take me to the recording studio. Maybe I need the skills singing provides to me so I can be a better speaker. Maybe I'll incorporate singing into a segment I do. Whatever the case is, I know I'm using my gifts to the best of my ability. I'm incredibly honored to have been called an asshole.

You're an asshole too, Gentry.