Karma from X-Factor GERMANY

Where do I begin?!?

I am SO proud of Dani (Niels's girlfriend)!  I found out soon after I got there that night two of me being there was pre-planned.  We had to go to an X-Factor viewing party.  I was thinking to myself how boring that might be because last time I went to a party, no one knew English except for Niels and the girl I went with, Cari, which meant I had a hard time following the conversations.  This, though, was different.  It was TV with lots of visuals.  And I know bad singing!  So this should be easy.

Later on the first day, I found out why the viewing party was so important:  Dani was going to be ON the show!!!!  SAY WHAT?!  You're one of the people auditioning??  Neato!

The next day, I get even MORE information.  So behind everyone's backs, three girls from Niels's gospel choir self-selected themselves to start a girl group and audition for X-Factor.  They obviously were nervous, but spent a lot of time working on song choice, choreography, and overall look.  They came up with the name Karma.  And there they went.  It takes 2 or 3 rounds before you get to be in the "on-TV" round with the judges.  To their sheer joy, they made the cut!!  They finally shared the news with their family and friends who were naturally very supportive.

The next step was to do the first round audition in front of the panel of three judges, Sarah Connor, George Glueck, and Till Brönner.  This is what the viewing party was all about!  After some greetings, the large party quickly relocated to the living room because Prominent (a German version of Extra!) was on, featuring the new episode of X-Factor, then going right in.  It was all about seeing Karma.

It took a good 30-40 minutes before it was Karma time, but they sure had a featured section!!!  There was a lot of anticipation because the X-Factor film crew came to one of the girl's house and filmed them practicing.  They even interviewed them and family members.  At the close of one segment, the "coming up" segment included Karma.  Zören, Niels's brother and boyfriend of another member of Karma, said (in German) the equivalent of, "They are too hot for this show."   HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAH!

After the commercial break, it was time!  There they were!  They showed the segment that was filmed at the girl's house, followed by another quote from Sören, who this time said, "They're not a part of X-Factor.  They're the XXX Factor."  The whole room ROARED with laughter.  Sören ran out of the room.  He was SO incredibly embarrassed.  Not being able to speak German, they had to translate for me what was being said.  But that wasn't a bad thing.  I was more visually in tune and noticed a big mistake!  On the television, under Sören's picture, it said, "Niels Schröder (28)".  So after all of that, the wrong name was given!  HA!

The segment then went into the actual audition.  They each introduced themselves to the judges and said they were going to sing "Single Ladies" by Beyoncé.  They sang their hearts out, choreographed and all, and did it as practiced, with dedication and verve.  You could hear some weak parts, and something was missing from the overall energy.  It just wasn't up to par.  You could see on the judges' faces that they weren't overwhelmed.  The judges asked if they had a second song to sing, which thankfully they did:  an acapella version of "Sail On" by Lionel Richie.   Everyone had their fingers crossed because this was it.

They sang their hearts out and let me tell you, it sounded REALLY great.  Technically, there was one note off that Dani noticed, but I, being a musician, was not disgusted.  I noticed, but it didn't take away from the piece!  And it was GOOD!  The judges stopped them part of the way through, spoke for a quick moment, and then all three judges said YES!  They made it!  To end the clip, they showed the judges speaking to themselves about how the first song didn't cut it.  It was all about the second song, so they were glad Karma prepared one.

I had to leave Germany, obviousleigh, so I didn't get to see any more episodes, but I found out the results.  Karma made it past auditions, past boot camp, and into the Judge's House!!!!!!  9 acts go onto the live shows.  They got 10th place.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  If one of the 9 acts can't do the live show (as of today, that's still a possibility!), then they'll go on!  Say a little prayer that someone in the top 9 gets Whooping Cough.