Why Both Apple and Google Have It Wrong

I have an HTC (read:  Google Android) smartphone.  But I also have an iPod and an iPad (read: Apple).  I have been fortunate to see the pros and cons of both.  They both have their advantages.  They both have their weaknesses.  When it comes to predictive text, they're both just wrong. Here's the thing:  I am a mystery shopper.  I work for the same restaurant over and over and over.  As a result, I've created a template of my submission that I use every single time.  So that means, more often than not, I am editing text rather than typing text.  When you edit as much as I do, you catch the small issues that most people miss.  Also, I type super fast.  Now, I may not have 100% accuracy, but no one does.  That's the point of spell checking and predictive text.  Based on the areas that you type, the phone's operating system suggests best fit words.

So let's compare Apples to.....Googles.

Apple (iPhone, iPod, iPad, iOS)


Apple is the thought leader, in my opinion.  They paved the way for the smartphones we have today.  So I'm grateful for them.  But they simply don't understand one obvious thing--when I put my cursor in front of a word, it's because I'm about to add an adjective, word, or phrase.  It's very unlikely I'm going to edit THAT word by putting the cursor BEFORE the word.  Obviousleigh.  ....so you'd think.


He is dumb.

(I add my cursor before dumb.)

He is |dumb.

(I type in 'really' then press the space bar, but I misspell the word.)

He is relly |dumb.

Apple decides to not spell check that word.  Why?  Because the cursor was touching dumb.  So they think that I'm editing the word dumb.  But I'm adding an adjective!!  It's even worse when I add in a phrase:

He is a srupis moron qje he is supwe |dumb.

when what I wanted to type was:

He is a stupid moron and he is super dumb.

So, let's get this straight.  I added 6 words before the word dumb.  So clearly, I was trying to modify the word dumb 6 times.  Yep.  Don't spell check any of that.

MORONS.   (Meanwhile, I typed that exact phrase into my Google phone with the cursor touching the word dumb and it autocorrected PERFECTLY.)


Speech dictation is a wonderful tool (assuming you don't have a thick accent or dialect).  You can whip up a paragraph of writing without even typing a word. I even typed this sentence through speech dictation on my MacBook.  All I had to do was speak. Then it dictates what I say for me. Amazing!

The problem is, like I said, I edit text more than I create text. The problem arises when I am editing text by adding words to the middle of the sentence.  What's the problem?  The Apple speech dictation auto capitalizes the first letter of whatever I dictate, no matter if it is in the middle of a sentence or not.


He is crazy.

I realize I want to add some adjectives, so I add my cursor.

He is |crazy.

I turn on my speech dictation and say "super hot and deliciously".  What comes out?

He is Super hot and deliciously |crazy.

Ugh.  I don't want a capital letter in the middle!

Apple:  You're so close.  You have so many things done right.  This is just not one of them.  But don't fret that your competitors have it right, because Google also has mistakes.

Google (Android)


Now Google does understand that I might edit text and add in words.  So when I start to add in words, regardless of where the cursor is, PRESTO, they're spell checked.  And when I speech dictate, the first letter is not capitalized.  But still Google has an awful oversight.

I type in this:

He is a bigmmoron andbhe isvsuper dumb.

And Apple automatically changes it to:

He is a big moron and he is super dumb.

PERFECT!  Meanwhile, what does Google change it to?

He is a bigmmoron andbhe isvsuper dumb.

Recognize that?  Yeah, same as what I typed in.  Google doesn't get that the space bar is very close to the b, v, m, etc. keys.  And it is missing a beautiful opportunity to autocorrect as a result.  Come on, Google!  You're otherwise so close!!


The other problem is, guess what, speech dictation.  While I discount Apple for capitalizing the first word you say, no matter where the cursor is, Google only kind of fixes that.  Everything you dictate to Google is lower case.


You start with just a cursor:


Then you dictate what you want to say.

"He is not as smart as me.  You wouldn't believe it, but it's true."

What comes out?

he is not as smart as me.  You wouldn't believe it, but it's true.

Ohhh, Google.  You're SO CLOSE!!!!  SOOOOOO CLOOOOOOSE!!!


This is to say, that both Google and Apple have it wrong. They are both so close, but they could be closer. So the question is, who is going to fix this first? Well, that's easy, who is going to read this blog first???  Only time will tell!!