Utah, Jamba Juice, Mormons, and such

Previousleigh on me:  I got hired to be the Assistant General Manager of Jamba Juice for the Times Square location in New York City.  I am currently in Midvale, Utah for week one of my Manager in Training program for Jamba Juice.  I will be here until October 9, at which time I will fly to Houston for 3 days to prepare for New York City.  Then, I have about a week and a half to find housing, move in, and start work.  WOOO!

To my surprise, Utah has turned out to be an absolutely beautiful state!  The people here are soooooo nice and generally, good looking.  There is less diversity, I must say.  It's very white-washed.  Something you would never see in Texas is an all-white staff, which is the case here.  It's sorta strange.  Even the boss, who is from California, but is Mormon, does not want to raise her kids here where the diversity is missing.

Training for Jamba Juice has been a lot of fun.  The biggest shock for me is the hours.  I'm averaging about 40 hours in the store because my trainer, Bobbi, is expecting me do homework at home.  40 hours in-store is 10 hours more than my last job at DHFS, but 10 hours less than what Times Square will be.  I'm excited and a little worried at the same time.  As long as I have a sense of purpose and am happy with what I am doing, I should be fine.

The temperature here is amazingly low!  I am in shock.  Right now, at 2:15 pm on September 11, the temperature is 68 degrees!  ACK!  What the heck?!?  It's only September.  This isn't Alaska.  God needs to rearrange the weather to make it warmer year-round here.  You have 2 days God before I build a church in my honor.

It's true that this area is overflowing with Mormons (who call themselves LDS for Latter-day Saints).  They're generally a nice people.  They use electricity, have emotions, and read the newspaper like the rest of us.  The thing that most threw me off was my co-workers, with an average age of 20 and none older than me, are mostly MARRIED!  Three of my co-workers have children and most (that are out of high school) are married.  IT'S SO WEIRD.  Even one of the leads, who has really short hair and doesn't smile very much (so you know what I was thinking), is married.  Of course, when I got there, I started to make a comment about how crazy it was to be married so young when 8 of them were like, "Oh, but I'm married and have 26 children."  So I silently finished my smoothie and went to the back.

So far, only my boss knows I am gay and she is so cool with it (and is also LDS).  One girl asked me if I was married, to which I answered, "Well, I would be but it's not allowed in this country, state, or city thanks to your conservative ass beliefs, you slut.   Sucks that you're married at 12!"  Okay, I didn't really, I just said, "No, I'm veeeeery single."  I'm like, catch on.
My black co-worker from DHFS and I were discussing how she is always black.  Wherever she goes, she is black and everyone knows.  For me, I am always gay, but it's something I have to reveal to everyone.  Because I haven't gotten a rainbow flag tattoo on my wrist and I left my "Let's Get One Thing Straight, I'm Not" shirt at home, it's something they eventually discover (if they're astute to homosexusigns) or I may tell them.  But sometimes, like now, I don't just tell them right off because they may have a negative opinion about it.  Generally speaking, people my age are EXTREMELY accepting across the board with homosexuality because they know there is nothing wrong with it.  They can articulate as well as any homosexual that is not harming anyone.  Still, for the minority that don't know any out gay people, I want them to get to know me as a person first.  Then we'll discuss.  And then show them videos.  And then convert them.  MWAHAHAHA"”the true gay agenda.