This is a real letter. It makes me want to SCREAM! ARG. I feel better posting it so that it's OUT there. I HATE UPS.

In regards to tracking numbers:
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After 6 calls to the UPS Customer Service Center, I was told to locate the corporate UPS phone number myself to let them know the issues I'm having because the UPS Customer Service Center does not have access to help me.

To begin with, my roommate, Lauren, and I have lived in our same apartment for one year and one month. Throughout the time here, we have had many things delivered and, without a doorman, realized we would have to be home to get packages. As is the case with many New York apartments without doormen, the buzzer to the apartment is buzzed from the list of doorbells downstairs, the resident buzzes the person in, and the UPS man (or whatever carrier we choose) delivers the packages to the door. After 6 months living here and having packages delivered as we ordered them, the UPS driver that came to our apartment, a white male with short hair, average build (possibly named Bill) came up to our door one day and said, "It wouldn't hurt if you met me half way." I explained that I was in my pajamas and did not feel comfortable meeting him halfway in the open. The next week, he came again and said the same thing. A couple of times, he would come halfway up the stairs, stop, and start yelling up, "UPS," to me implying that he wanted me to come down the stairs. Nonetheless, I would tip him all of these times, but I felt guilty for not meeting him halfway. Concerned, I anonymously called UPS Customer service who assured me that I, firstly, should not be tipping the driver and that, secondly, he should be coming to my door with no complaints.

Last week, I believe on the morning of 1/5/07, a UPS driver came by and buzzed our apartment. My roommate Lauren answered and asked who it was. He replied that it was the UPS man and that he had heavy packages and needed us to open the door. She asked for clarification, but didn't get any response from the UPS man, so she just buzzed the door some more. After an hour or two, it occurred to her that no one had come to our door. The UPS man had buzzed that one time, didn't reply, and then decided to leave without letting us know. I decided to file a complaint, using my name for the first time. After filing a complaint with the UPS Call Center, they sent an e-mail to the Package Center who called me to get clarification. I explained that the driver had left without coming up or buzzing again. She said the driver told her we did not buzz him in, which we explained was not true, though she did not convey to me that she believed me. She said she'd contact the driver. After some time, she called back and said the driver was at our apartment. I explained that no one had buzzed our apartment yet. She then asked me if I would open the door if he buzzed in, which was very upsetting to me and the first time I raised my voice. I said, "Of course, I'll buzz him in! I want my package!" Finally, we got a buzz at our apartment, we buzzed the UPS man in, and he delivered our packages to our door, dropped them in front of our door, and walked away, strangely without knocking at our door. I called back the Call Center again at this point to relay that he did not knock, which surprised me. They again explained that the Package Center would call us back in the hour, but this time, no one did.

Having received those packages, I was relieved to have that over with. Unfortunately, I had more packages coming. On Thursday afternoon, 1/11/07, I realized, to my horror, that I had a package through Amazon that was being sent to me but I had received zero InfoNotices for. Immediately, I called the UPS Call Center to report this issue. I explained that I had been home for these packages, but did not receive any InfoNotices regarding these. It is possible, though unlikely, that I and my roommate slept through the door buzzes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, as my roommate and I both slept in these days. As often is the case, though, we hear and wake up and run to the door to get packages. Regardless, we should have gotten InfoNotices these three times, but did not. Additionally, I should note that regarding InfoNotices, we have always had issues receiving these, but most often, received two of the three InfoNotices that came to us, and rarely, only one InfoNotice. It seems too coincidental that I filed a complaint last week and conveniently get zero InfoNotices this week.

Later Thursday afternoon: I discovered in my e-mail that I had another package from another company due to me. When I realized this error, I called the Call Center again to clarify the issue. Not only had I not received InfoNotices for my first package, but my second package ALSO received zero InfoNotices (though, to be fair, I know these packages arrived together. Nonetheless, I should have received something). Also, my roommate noticed during this call that we had received an InfoNotice. After sharing that with the person on the phone, we discovered that these packages on the InfoNotice were for her, hence her involvement in the issue.

At this point, we really started paying very close attention to our tracking pages as we wanted nothing more than to receive our packages. My roommate needs hers immediately for her business which she runs from the apartment. We found that night that both my Amazon and my other package were listed as being attempted for delivery at 4:05 pm and 7:54 pm that day. Both of these times, my roommate and I both were home and awake and we, again, received no InfoNotices and no buzzing at our door (from the UPS man, though we did have other extraneous deliveries that made it through). We spoke with the Package Center and they told us they would get it on a truck immediately to be delivered that night. When we spoke to her in regards to the InfoNotices, her response was that they must have blown away. So she is saying that out of 5 deliveries, somehow 4 of the InfoNotices in a row blew away. I find that very hard to believe. In addition the two additional InfoNotices that were supposed to appear that day also "blew away." The lady at the Package Center was not very kind or helpful in this situation and remembered us from the first situation, also adding to her impatience. So once again, we were home all night but did not receive anything. At this point, we got really suspicious and started keeping better notes.

Friday, 1/12/07, we found an InfoNotice on our front apartment door saying that 2 packages were attempted at 10:46 AM. My roommate and I were both here and she was awake. She can verify that no one attempted to buzz in.

Around noon: My roommate found the InfoNotice and called the Call Center to complain that no one had buzzed. She also spoke with the Package Center. They assured her that they would have the driver bring the package back sometime in the afternoon.

12:51 pm: I called the Package Center to return a call left for me from Katherine and got a hold of Katherine. This was a call in reference to last night because I had called after she left in regards to the problem that two deliveries were said to be made but we were not present. She was not very patient and more than once cut me off mid-sentence, but we managed to finish the conversation. She said the packages would be delivered by 5 pm.

2:00 pm: Lauren received another call from the Package Center (in response to the messages sent from the Call Center). Katherine asked if the driver had come by yet and said she specifically told Bill to bring the packages here. At this point, they still did not arrive. Katherine said that if nobody had delivered it by 5:00 pm, Lauren should call back.

5:05 pm: No packages have arrived. I left to go to the post office and my roommate called the Package Center again as requested. I walked outside and saw no InfoNotice, but I did see a truck down the street.

5:38 pm: I arrived back from the post office and saw an InfoNotice left for apartment 2, but none for us. My roommate was still on the phone with the Package Center (who was having trouble believing her) and explained, "Did you hear the buzzer? No, because they didn't come by!" The male caller she was talking to verified that he didn't hear it either.

5:45 pm: Lauren got on the phone with the Package Center again. After becoming really frustrated, she passed the phone on to me, exhausted and at her wit's end, unable to talk to UPS anymore. I calmly spoke with the man to catch up where Lauren left off, but calmly. What was frustrating her was that after everything that's happened today, the male at the Package Center explained that no more packages could go out that day and that there's nothing he could do. He explained that all drivers were coming in. I calmly but emphatically explained how frustrating that is for us to hear after all we heard and how no one had come by today. To my shock, he said that the driver, Bill, told him he was on our block for 9 hours and that we were not home. Bill told the man on the phone that he tried us 3 times! This was a flat out lie! We were home the whole day and all we got was one InfoNotice on the front door to the complex, but he did not buzz our apartment. In addition, we had five delivery people and visitors come that day without any problems. We are certain it is not our buzzer system that is the issue. Bill has convinced the UPS Package Center that he buzzed us but he flatly did not. Throughout this whole conversation, the male on the other end is convinced that we are lying and would argue with me. He challenged me more than once, saying, "How come everyone else on the block had no problems all day, but only you did not get your package?" My response is with just as much confusion as his! I don't know! (But I can guess it's because of the complaint we put in last week.) But regardless, he is not buzzing our apartment. I explained that this situation was unacceptable and would at least appreciate someone making an effort to deliver our package tonight. The man on the phone would not budge and offered no solutions besides us traveling to the Package Center our own tonight or us getting the packages delivered on Monday. Mid-sentence, while I was responding, he decided he had spoken enough to me and, without warning, put me on hold. This man did not have a good concept of customer service. At this point, I gave my roommate's phone back to her and called the Call Center to file yet another complaint (as was the suggestion by the Call Center"”if you have problems, continue to call the Call Center). After 10 long minutes, the Package Center picked back up the phone and told my roommate, Lauren, that the package was going to be put back on a truck and driven out. He said he didn't know if it would come in 10 minutes or 1 hour. I declined to complete a complaint on my phone at this point, seeing that the Package Center seemed to be making an effort.

Shortly after 7p: No package had come, nor had we received any information, so I called back the Package Center, but I was told the man that worked the Package Center phone had left for the day. Feeling like I was being conned, I called the Call Center to verify this story. This time, I spoke with a customer representative supervisor who patiently listened to this whole story. He kindly called the Package Center while I was on hold and came back to verify that he was told the package was on its way.

10:10p: Seeing how late it was, I called the Call Center one last time. The supervisor I spoke to explained that the Package Centers were closed at this hour. After patiently listening to this whole story which I relayed again, he suggested I call or write UPS Corporate because of how out of hand this situation was.

10:34 pm: Lauren calmly called the Package Center one last time to see if there was new information about the packages. The woman she spoke with was extremely rude and unhelpful when Lauren asked how this issue could be resolved. The woman then abruptly hung up on her while Lauren was speaking. After calling again, Lauren was hung up on abruptly again once the woman heard her voice. She immediately called the Call Center and discovered that the notes on these accounts from the Package Center claim that (among many things), "Callers are liars, they said to fire the driver." Both of these are not true and are troublesome to us. We have never lied in anything we've said to UPS and neither of us would ever go as far as claiming the driver needed to be fired.

Every call to the Call Center has been pleasant and the people at the Call Center have been exceptionally patient and respectful. Unfortunately, the New York UPS Package Center has not been helpful, nor have they treated us with even a decent level of customer service, which has been very disappointing. Obviously, we also have problems with the driver serving us.

We want nothing more than to receive our packages! We are trying to do anything in our power to get our packages as quick as possible. Having paid for 2nd day air service on three of the four packages, it's disheartening that we have not even gotten them within a week's time. Lauren operates a business from our apartment and it is imperative that she receives packages from clients in a timely manner. We do not have a buzzer problem, nor would we avoid let someone in because we desperately want our packages. They seem to think we are out to get them. We just want our packages. Please"”we need more assistance than the Call Center and the Package Center can help us. I'd be glad to speak with whomever I need to to get this resolved.

Thank you.

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