The Oprah contest results

I get asked a lot how the contest went.  Out of 9504 entries, I got 21st place!  Over a million votes (1,019,536 to be exact).  It was such a thrill to get that!!!  I had such an amazing time doing this contest, but am I glad its over!  It was a lot of work selling my show, concept, and video non-stop. Now what?!

That's the $100,000 question.  Well, I've been saying since the contest ended that I'm going to make the show anyway.  absoluteLEIGH is coming.  I still plan on doing that, but I've been rethinking it since I'm going to start it by posting on YouTube.  YouTube is made for short, quick clips, not 30 minute beginning to end diatribes, so that's a new factor.  I already have about 5 really awesome show ideas that I'm excited to work on.  Next is some script writing, implementing, and then, my favorite, POSTING.  By September 15, I'm committing to at least one video.

Why haven't you posted already?

Procrastination from the perfectionist side of me.  I've been working a lot as well, but that's an ever weaker excuse.  Not visualizing my show in smaller steps.  Instead, looking at it as a huge project, which makes me want to put it down and work on an email that just popped in my inbox.  Oh, Jersey Shore is coming on?  That looks like it'd be fun to watch!  Let me just TiVo that real quick.  Anyway, I wonder what's playing on YouTube......SIGH.  SEE?

How can I help?

  • Email me with some show ideas! I can always use concepts or ideas! Anything you'd like to see? Anything you expected to see on my show? Let me know. I could really use the ideas!

  • Write me and remind me how excited you are to see the show.

  • Send encouraging thoughts/emails. The small stuff really does help.

I want to thank everyone that gave so much support once again.  I am so grateful!!  I don't know how I could have gotten so far without so many wonderful people!  Thank you.