The answer inside you.

I'm super tired. I just got back from clubbing. Yay for gay clubs.

It's all inside you. I've learned that over and over and over and over. Look:

  • I went home for Christmas a little stressed and came back feeling pretty empowered? Why? Because I was with my roots. I was with the people that care about me and know me deep down.

  • Whenever people are stressed, psychology and interpersonal relationship studies say to listen. Why? Because people discover the answers to 90% of things on their own.

  • I have made some really good suggestions to friends in my lifetime on issues they deal with personally with themselves, only to later hear them tell me that they thought of something themselves. Why? They discovered it later on their own.

  • Gurus, masters, researchers, and other insightful people have said to meditate. Why? Because you will find the answers inside.

Stressed out? Well, what are YOU doing with YOUR free time? Television? Movies? Sports? Distractions? Or are you sharpening your skills and self?