Today was an EXTREMELY busy day today at Jamba Juice (at the Columbus Circle location where I work). Being that we are at the southwest corner of Central Park, many marathons are around where we are. Today, a marathon ended right in front of us, so we had uber amounts of customers. Usually, as a manager, I stay off of the register station and the pour station, because at those places, you cannot troubleshoot as you have absoluteleigh no free time. Today, though, with three managers, I was able to do pour (which is a station I love as I get to talk to people!). Toward the end of one of our huuuuuge rushes, I called the next drink I saw:


A woman came up, got her drink, and said thank you. She was sort of attractive (like I'm paying attention to GIRLS), but familiar. ....OH MY GOD, I think it's Renée Zellweger! She's wearing sunglasses and a hood. She comes over and grabs her drink and, looking down, says thank you.

All of my energy and thoughts at that point were processing, trying to recognize her voice. Looking back on it now, it sounded very much like her back in Chicago. It was sort of Betty Boop-ish. Very "goily," but polite.

So she said thank you, right? I looked at her and said, "I think I know..." and nodded my head. She looked at me and smiled (which for me was the confirmation that it was her), but didn't maintain it too long. Clearly, she was trying to maintain her anonymity. I think if I had engaged her in a conversation to the side, she would have done it, but she didn't start anything. After she smiled, she walked out, and I just started going crazy inside.

Wow. I just met Renée Zellweger.