As is par for me, I send out an email asking people to update their contact information so that I may have an updated address book. This year, for the first time, I added the "Spouse" line. The Microsoft contact cards actually have a detail tab where you can add extraneous information such as birthdays, manager's names, assistant's names, etc. There has always been a spouse line, but I left it relatively unused until recently, when all of my friends started getting married. I started to find myself talking about "him" because I couldn't remember their names for the life of me.

I added this line into my updates. Seeing how many of my friends are still NOT married, the replies were hilarious (most names changed to protect privacy). I think the word "spouse" really threw people for a loop:

  • Spouse: HA! Not yet.

  • Spouse: Change's with the wind :)

  • Spouse: Hugh Jackman

  • Spouse: We're not married, but I've moved in with John Smith, so... Partner: John Smith

  • Spouse: I wish. But, no time for that.

  • Spouse: Jesus Christ

  • Spouse: Will Demps (but only in my dreams)

  • Spouse: no

  • Spouse: Leigh Cambre

  • Spouse: ha.

  • Spouse: Leigh Cambre

  • Spouse: Leigh Alexander Cambre, Daron Seaford

  • Spouse: Leigh BonQuiQui Cambre

  • Spouse: let me know when you find him.

  • Spouse: ya right

  • Spouse: psh! I don't think so...

  • Spouse: I'm still waiting on you my dear! ;)

  • Spouse: John (haven't found a new one yet) :) but open to options!! HAHA!

  • Spouse: Nick Jonas (we had to get married for him to give it up)

  • Spouse: LOL

  • Spouse: Dr. John Smith, DDS

  • Spouse: UHHHHH......NO

  • Spouse: SOON......

  • Spouse: I WISH--- hahahahahah

  • Spouse: yeah right

  • Spouse: still accepting applications

  • Spouse: John Smithinson?

  • Spouse: Do you know how badly I'd like to write some serious snark in this space?! But, I shant. Feel free to call and I will provide it at absolutely no charge.

  • Spouse: FABULOUSLY SINGLE feel free to set me up!! LOL

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