When I used to live in a snow-less part of Texas, my only exposure to snowflakes were science and arts class. We learned in science class how intricate each snowflake was. No two snowflake are the same. I was even taught how this was the reason some people believed in God. How could something so beautiful come to be just by merely chance? In art class (wait, LIES! I learned this from my mom. Surely, others learned in art class), we learned a technique where you fold a sheet off paper multiple times on itself and then cut freely. When you unfold it, voila, you have a beautiful snowflake! Snowflakes some 8 inches across.

Now, I knew they weren't eight inches, but I was under the impression they were 3-5 inches long. Gently falling from the sky, right into the hands of children everywhere.

Now that I live in New York, thank GOD they're not what I imagined. Snow falls fast! Just imagine - literal Chinese throwing stars made by ice angels falling on crowds of people unable to dodge them.

"Aww...I think it's the first snow of the year. How beautiful! It's starting to cover the grou..."

"...did you hear that?"

"Oh God no! SNOWFLAKES!! RUN FOR COVER!!!! Pour hot coffee on yourself!!"

Headline: 100s Die, Many More Injured in Snowflake Attack from the Sky