Shelter and Transportation

After 2.5 weeks of staying at the gracious homes of Lyndsay Roller and Sevegory Paddivan, I am fiiiiiiinalleigh at a place of "my own." Katherine Bates is in Houston, y'all! So I'm getting to stay at her place while she is away. I could not be happier to have my own room and bed. I feel like I have a home. It's very comforting. Her place is very, very, very spacious and her roommates are extremely nice. The rent is only $1350 (divided by 3 people!) and I do not feel cramped even being the Jolly Green Giant. Oh, but there's a twist: this is in Queens.

I experienced the positive side of living in Queens last night when it took me over 15 seconds to walk from one side of the apartment to the other! But I experienced the negative side today. I got off work at 11:30 pm. I didn't walk in the apartment until 2 am.

Part of that is my fault. I needed to get on the V train. 3 F trains and 3 D trains came before I noticed the sign that said, "Take the D train to the E train late nights." So while it's technically my fault, I still shake my fist at ye, subway. I'll teach you. I'll make you my least favorite form of transportation. (I'm soooooo lying. I LOVE the subway, but don't tell her that.)

My apologies for being dead to the world, but I'll have more time now to respond and be proactive (assuming I make it home...).