Semesterly Goals

My apartment is way too cold. Boo. My goals for this semester:

  1. Pay off credit cards. Don't get me wrong, I have never had a balance on my credit cards. This is just a commitment I'm making to make myself feel better because I know this will happen.

  2. Save money for my move to Los Angeles in June.

  3. Go out to eat less to help with number 1 and 2.

  4. Do more improvisation to practice for any opportunities that come up.

  5. Send in many resumes and attend auditions.

  6. Read the 20 or so books I recently bought.

  7. Watch less TV, but still get the money out of my TiVo purchase.

  8. Write/edit my stand-up comedy set.

  9. Perform stand-up/improvisational comedy.

  10. Start real estate investment. (This is the BEST way to make money.)

  11. Work-out to gain muscles. Get a workout partner to work on this commitment. Have myself and others hold me accountable.

Please keep me to these. I'm not kidding. When I make goals, I'm serious. So ask me about these and how these are going.

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