Rosa Mexicano

I gave my two week's notice at Rosa Mexicano on Saturday, February 23, after over a year and a half.

To give a little back story, all of the credibility I built there was undermined in the matter of one week when I, as the manager Robert Kingsland suggested multiple times to do, spoke to him about what is really going on. Valentine's Day, we have special chef's additions. The day after, the opening pre-shift is quizzed and does mediocre. He rightfully says that both the servers and managers need to better focus. (I was in shock! FINALLY! Yes! The management team does have some issues as well as us. On Valentine's Day, my introduction to the chef's addition was to look at it on color copies in the matter of 2 minutes!). The following day, he changes his tune. The first pre-shift didn't do so well. The second pre-shift DID know the items. He was angry about it. Oh my gosh! You know why? I and another server TOLD the second pre-shift what to know. So I brought this to his attention. And boy did I suffer.

After speaking to him the previous Saturday, February 16, he sat me down at my next shift on Tuesday, February 19, to say that I was unprofessional and appalling for telling him that. I am told this for following his suggestions. Boy, I felt gross. I apologized about 3 or 4 times and explained that I never meant for that to happen and there were clearly some misunderstandings. But, as he explained, he did not expect me to get defensive. He just wanted me to listen. Really?!

Fine, that's one thing. But to then put me in the WORST section available the next time I worked? And strip me of checkwait and headwait positions? Are you serious? Effectively, you gave me a paycut. This had nothing to do with my waiter skills, so why are you taking it out that way? And also he publicly embarassed me. Nearly EVERY server that night came up and asked me why I was in that section. Sigh. Not a fun night. Talk about unprofessional.

Oh, but it's not over. I come in the next night in the same section. Additionally, I'm given a trainee. They trust me with a trainee, but give me a shoddy section again? As you would expect, the trainee told me that I gave him the best training so far. The following night, I'm given the worst section FOR THE THIRD NIGHT IN A ROW. The message is clear. It is time. So I gave my 2 weeks notice to the manager.

I arrived at work at my next shift, Thursday, February 28, and immediately noticed I was not on the floorplan. After a 15 minute pre-shift meeting, then having to physically ask myself why I'm not on the floorplan, and another 15 minutes, they finally sat me down to tell me that they did not need me for my last two weeks after all. WHAT!? Just to make things crystal clear, I told him immediately that I really would like to work my last two weeks here. He said that my shifts were covered so he wouldn't need me. It didn't hit me until I got home and spoke to both of my parents separately that, oh my goodness, I got fired.

I'm so glad to have the opportunity to work at Rosa. It gave me an in to food service. I'm sorry it had to end the way it did. And I'm disappointed I was not given a proper send off. My feel-good in all of this is that I have gotten unanimous feedback that no one felt I deserved the ending I was thrown. I have had 5 servers contact me outside of Rosa already expressing their shock and condolences. I've also heard that the rumor mill is churning with disgust for Robert's actions, but, as all have learned, fear your managers lest they put you in bad sections. Gossip about your distrust, but don't confront, because you have no protections.

What I learned: After the initial shock, it was extremely nice not having to think about Rosa anymore. Really, I got what I attracted into my life. I wanted to not go to Rosa, and I got what I wanted. YES!

Also, I get to refocus again on why I am here. I am not here to be a waiter. I am here to be in the entertainment industry. I put a lot of energy into my bosses and co-workers and schedule and reaped what I sowed: great money at work. I'm going to try catering instead. This way, I have no bosses to impress. It is one time gigs that, if something goes wrong, I can just move forward to another of the HUNDREDS of companies.

Oh, and I get unemployment checks. :)