Really Good Day

I cannot believe my fortune. I am so incredibly BUSY that I cannot even imagine a moment to myself. I worked until 11:30p last night, stayed up only 30 minutes chatting with my roommate, then had to get up at 6a to work at Regis & Kelly. After work, I had to get my daily backpack repaired, followed immediately by work, which will last until at least 9:30p. I have a life coaching call at 10p, then I work tomorrow from 7a to 6p, followed by a visit to the gym. I am very fortunate to be working. But that's not even the beginning. During my quick visit home, I got emailed by a Booker from a catering company I rarely work with asking me to send him dates so he can book me. He was seeking ME out. Meanwhile, another email was confirming that she has me managing for certain dates, dates I had assumed were not going to happen.

On top of both of those things, my co- worker said out of the blue that she can tell that my arms are more muscular!!! That's a compliment I have been working on and off toward earning for nearly ten years! I wad thrilled to hear that!

Here's to your really, really good day!