(Not) Flying Over Christmas

I never took the time to share my story. Craziness ensued over Christmas 2009 on my trip to Utah. AHHHHHHHH!

  1. United flight scheduled from La Guardia to Chicago to Denver to Grand Junction (3-leg trip)

  2. First flight canceled due to snowstorm

  3. 1 hour wait on phone with United to reschedule

  4. Fight with agent who wants to reschedule me in TWO days from now

  5. He helps out by rescheduling next day on Continental, not United, to Newark to Cinncinnati to HOUSTON (really?) to Denver to Grand Junction (4-leg)

  6. I arrive 1.5 hours early, but there's LONG lines.

  7. Get to gate 3 minutes before departure. They let on a girl with a service dog standing right in front of me. I'm standing there. They tell me no. As the supervisor closes the door behind the service dog girl, I literally scream, "WAIT! I'M RIGHT HERE. I'M RIGHT HERE! I'M RIGHT HERE!"

  8. I wait 1 hour in Continental customer service line. They send me to my original booker--United

  9. I wait 1 more hour in United customer service line. I tell the guy my story. Christmas miracle: the guy overbooks me on a DIRECT flight to Denver so I can still catch my last leg.

  10. My luggage is on the 4-leg trip I missed!! HAHAHAHA.

  11. My flight to Denver is delayed by 45 minutes. I don't know when it arrives in Denver, but surely it is in enough time to make my connection to Grand Junction.

  12. I get on my Denver flight to find out I have one of those premium seats with extra legroom! Nice!

  13. They announce they're so behind that we'll arrive at the gate at 8:43p My next flight departs at 8:58p.

  14. I run to the next flight. FINALLY make it.

PHEW! So I was relieved to get there!!!!