New York Cit-tay SPRING BREAK 2005

New York was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun! I absolutely loved my trip! Special thanks to Anthony Sobotik, Susan Babb, Jessica Rowland, Chauncey "CiCi" Wesley, Dixon Deutsch, Dre Domingue, and Eva Rosen for living there. Thank you.

Highlights of my NYC trip 2005:

  • I happened to sit next to and "meet" Nathan Lynch (a random cute UT student) on the flight to Nashville, the connector to NYC. So we were eyeing each other the whole time in the airport. I knew the only way I would get a chance to know him was to sit next to I did. I followed all of the way to the LAST seat in the plane. He took the window, I took the aisle. A few seconds later, a child and father showed up at the back of the plane. He told his son to sit inbetween the guys across from us, but the guy sitting in the aisle insisted that he sit in the middle. The father sat between us. After 10 seconds, I was like, JUST DO IT. So I offered him MY seat!!! YAY! Now Nathan and I are sitting next to each other. Oh man, he's cute too. Best part: for the next two hours, we said NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. But I sent him a message on Facebook when I got to the airport.

  • Anthony's and my life were genuinely threatened!!! I arrived at Anthony's place, got a tour, sat and talked for a little bit when we decided to go eat. We went to the nearby eatery. All of the sudden, this sorta drunk homeless guy trips on the curb and hits the ground head first. I look non-challantly, but don't tell Anthony because I know he'd gawk, so I tell him after about 5 seconds. By the time Anthony looks, the homeless guy is being helped by his other homeless friends. We go back to talking and joking around. I go to the bathroom to wash my hands. When I come out, Anthony tells me that the guy that fell head first comes to Anthony and says he'll kill him, motioning the "slice your throat" move. He tells Anthony he'll wait for him around the corner until Anthony leaves and then will kill him. At this point he's demonstrating how he'll bash his shin. So then they come back while I'm there and the guy and one of his friends does the same thing again, but this time they both spit on the window. I peed my pants a little bit. THEN, the guy that fell walks inside the main door and stopping at the doorway (THANK GOD) yells to us that we are "fucking bastards." I was prepared to bitch slap his ass if he got near, but I was thankful it didn't come to that. On the way out, he mistakes a wall for a door and tries to push on it for like 3 seconds. You'd think it was funny, but at that moment, I wanted to live. Anthony calls the cops, who show up 5 minutes later and leave. We finished eating in peace and paid the bill. As we were waiting for the credit card back, THEY WALK BACK AROUND THE CORNER. They didn't look at us at all, so we looked out the window and RAN back to the apartment. All this 2 hours after arriving in NYC. Hmmm...

  • I saw Bklyn: the Musical. It was a (off?)Broadway musical. It was the only one I saw and was good. There were only 5 characters. Thankfully, Eden Espinosa was in it. Oh MAN, she was UNBELIEVEABLY AMAZING!!! Her voice was better than Mariah's. I could have listened to her sing all night.

  • I tried to get tickets to Wicked and Avenue Q by doing the lottery, but I lost every time. BOO. I did meet some interesting people: a cooky old lady, Mr. "I'm Bad Luck," and the girl married to a figure skater. Trish and Kristi Joy who were from Cleveland, Ohio, were super cool (mainly because they liked ME). Trish is married to the figure skater. I told her he's gay.

  • I loved Anthony and Susan's apartment. SO COOL! See the pictures below.

  • I met Anthony's boyfriend Chad. He's such a neat guy! I really like him! I really hope they stay together! This could be it! The one. That makes me (and even moreso him) happy.

  • It was so good to see everyone again! It's been too long. I missed them. These are good friends. I can only hope the ones that actually live there take the time out to stay in contact with each other. I coincidentally reintroduced Anthony and Susan to Jessica. They didn't know the other lived there!! They were thrilled about it!

  • I enjoyed sleeping on the floor!!!!! I don't know what that was all about, but I had some of the best sleep I've ever had sleeping on the floor of their apartment with blankets and sheets.

  • I ran into Stephanie Corder in Banana Republic!!!! What are the chances?!? We fuh-REAKed out and had sex on the floor. It was über hot.

  • Susan's dad cooked dinner the night after my first night there. It was sooooooo good. The only ingredient was butter. We also watched a very interesting show about wedding cake contests! It was REALLY fascinating. I learned a lot about crazies that design cakes.

Clubbing Locations (all obviousleigh gay places):

  • Mirage - decent

  • Therapy - neat

  • Posh @ 51st & 9th - shady, but $2 margaritas on Monday nights. It'll do.

  • Roxy - saw Kristine W live! Chris Cox spun. Honestleigh, I think I lost some hearing that night. Wow, it was loud. And fun.

Best food locations:

  • $0.99 pizza ---> 42nd & 9th

  • Cupcake Factory ----> 39th & 9th

For next time:

  • Maybe buy musicals WAY in advance (if you want to see the HOT shows)

  • Do get a late flight out of Islip. 3 pm departure meant I had to be at Penn station BY 11 am.

  • Plan TV show opportunties and/or tours ahead of time.

  • Know which places to shop at and what you're looking for!

  • Bring mace. ;)

Seeing my friends in "real life" situations was really eye-opening for me. I really got a better idea of what it's like to be outside of academia. It was really inspiring. Thank you.