My Mission Statement

I had a breakthrough with Daya on Sunday. I need to be authenticalLeigh who I am in my YouTube career. I have been thinking too much of what I think others may want to see on my "show", but not enough about what I want to see. The result??? Writer's block! I've heard this message twice before, both times from some of my closest friends. Back in 2004, I took a class at UT called Comedy Gym. It was a how-to class on how to be a stand up comedian. I discovered through this class a couple of things: (a) I have a good grasp on what is funny to most people. (b) Being a stand up comedian is more than work than I care for. What did I do to resolve the latter for my first stand-up routine? I stole a couple of jokes from other professional comedians for my routine! I had a large portion of jokes that were uniquely mine, but I also recognized how funny these other jokes were and couldn't pass them up. The result??? An amazing set, so good that strangers walked up to me saying how funny it was. But what hit me the most was when I later talked to my good friend, Heather McKenzie. She told me that, although the show was good, she was expecting to see more of me in it. "Leigh, you're funny being you." I gave my typical excuse: I thought that these other comedians were hilarious, so I was using their style. But the message planted a seed.

Fast forward to summer of 2010. I made my video pitch for absoluteLeigh. I submitted the video to Oprah's contest for her new TV show, "Your OWN Show". I rallied up the troops, voted my heart away, and let the contest run it's course. The result??? I ended up with over a million votes, at 21st place out of 9504. I was extremely proud of my pitch video! It was to date the best I've ever done! My best friend, Constance Taylor, thought otherwise and let me know it. With little apology, she let's me know that the video was not the Leigh she knows and loves (in a lot more honest words). The video was business (and therefore fake) Leigh. That floored me! What!?! Was there any other option? I thought I did well, though I do see the business Leigh she speaks of.

Here we are in 2011. As part of me resolution, I decided to work with Daya Mendez as part of a Mastermind group. We're like minded and very driven. That first meeting, I knew my agenda perfectly: make a task list for my show! I have had writer's block since I've made the concept and, through discovery with Daya, I realized that it was in part due to not having a vision. Daya, clear where she is taking me, leads me into conversation about my past. At one point, I finally realize that there was a time when I wanted nothing more than to please people. "Exactly!" she exclaims, "and that's why you're stuck! Instead of doing what motivates you, you're doing what you think people would want."

Like a flash of lightning, Heather's comments about my stand-up and Constance's comments about my video come back to me. Of course! That's what this has been all about! Again and again and again, I haven't been trusting myself. And it's time I do.

So here it is, in public, for everyone to see. My mission statement is to connect people to the joy I experience regularly. I will do this through uplifting shows about everyday people, enlightening concepts, and joyous connections.