My missed connections on craigslist

Someone asked about me on missed connections on craigslist! In case you're not familiar, missed connections is a section on craigslist where you post an "ad" of sorts, hoping to find a person you had a casual encounter with.  Remember that girl you made eye contact with on the subway?  Or that guy that stared at you in the laundromat?  It's these kind of encounters that make it on here.  You take a moment to post an anonymous summary and include your email address (which can be encoded into a secret craigslist address), hoping your dashing romantic instant-o-partner finds it and emails you so he can sweep you off your feet and carry you off into the sunset.

But let's be real.  There are TONS of missed connections that happen daily.  How many times per week do you make eye contact with someone you don't know, even if it's on accident?  Multiply that by the 8.3 million people that live in New York City.  What are the chances that the one person you were making eye contact with realizes that you are going to post on craigslist?  And are they actually someone that would spend the time to read through them all?

Enter my friend Kevin.  He obsessively reads through these pages.  Weekly.  Sometimes even daily.  And he came upon this:

Tall actor late Fri/early Sat 2am - m4m (Chelsea)

Date: 2010-04-03, 11:43PM EDT Reply To This Post

We met late Friday/early Saturday morning around 2am. You told me you were an actor. I said you should go to Los Angeles to try to find work. Also told you you were nice and tall and that you looked European. Gave you several compliments. I also asked if you had a BF, you said you wouldn't be there if you did. You asked if I had one, a wife, a family. Said no to all. You told me that you thought within 5 years I would have one, I just needed to be ready for one.

Wish I had been ready for you. Maybe next time I visit NYC I will be. Or if nothing else would love to have a friend in New York. Would like to stay in contact with you. So I know it's you tell me how tall you are, I did ask. Or you said you had a friend that works for my company in Texas. What company do we work for? It was really nice talking to you, if we meet again maybe we can do more. Hope your acting career goes well, If I was casting I would definately hire you! You got not only leading man looks, but are a nice, sincere guy as well.

I get a text from my friend Kevin asking if I was at a club on Saturday.  I'm thinking to myself, man, I was out really late and I got seen!  Ha!  But why would he be out so late?  He's happily partnered.  Curious, I ask if he was also there.  "No," he texts, "there is a missed connection about you on Craigslist!!!"  After a moment of shock and texting in all caps, he replies that when it said tall, actor, and Texas, he knew it was me.

How fun!  I mean, what are the chances?  Already, the ad has expired off of craigslist, as they all do in one week, but what is the likelihood that he posts, I find out, and a missed connection becomes a reconnection?  It's a small world after all.

(I never contacted him.   He was old.)