My Address Survey Results

My friends are hilarious.  Every year, I ask some of my friends for an update of their contact information.  I often do it using a Google Form, which simplifies it for them, but means that they may come across questions that don't apply to them.  Here are some of the funnier answers (with my comments in green). Question I asked:  Spouse/Partner name

Answers I got:

  • TBD 2013 :)

  • none - still too single

  • Me, myself, and I, plus my plant

  • Darren Criss

  • I wish

  • Liz Lemon. Who says lady nerds aren't hot?

  • Gross

  • Micah & Leigh Cambre (gross?)

  • Frosty the Snowman

  • Jesus

  • I'm a future lesbian of America

  • BOB (battery operated boyfriend) (HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHA! WIN!)

  • ....not married.....thanks for reminding me. tear.

  • That blond guy. (this is really referring to her husband)

  • I'm in an open relationship with myself.

  • I'm depressed about having to leave this box empty again this year :/

  • rosie palm (this one took me a moment)

  • none :'-(

Question I asked:  OMG, some of you have children.  What are their names?

Answers I got:

  • Bentley (that's his dog)

  • Animation & Work (that's what she studies at school)

  • Acting career (that's what she does ALL OF THE TIME)

  • Tifa (lies)

  • oh hell no

  • Nosema, K-Martina, and Orangejello

  • God no. Honestly, I would hide from them if I had any.

  • Grosser

  • Cartman & Kenny

  • Leigh Cambre

  • ew

  • Leigh, Jr. ummm....

  • Just one.... Little Debbie

  • Piston (another pet)

  • can't remember (I wouldn't be surprised if he was serious...)

  • No

  • Adolf, Osama, Benito, Genghis, and OJ

  • Thelonious, Bartholemu, Letitia, Latrina

  • NO.

  • Moe Larry & Curly

  • Scarlett, our four-legged child

  • I forgot.....tehehehehehehehe

  • Jacqueline (....this one shocked me because I haven't seen this guy in over a year! ....he later admitted he was trying to freak me out)

  • Guinea pig named Soap, does that count?

Question I asked: What exciting updates happened in your life this year?  Or you could actually send me a newsletter!!!

Answers I got (it was a multiple choice question):

  • 1 person (1%) I had a baby. Baby #21. TAKE THAT DUGGAR FAMILY!

  • 5 people (7%) I got a big fat raise and a huge promotion. And by that, I mean, I'm not in the same situation I was at the beginning of the year HALLELUJAH!!!

  • 5 people (7%) I moved! Goodbye horrible living situation I used to live in. Hello, new complicated living situation that had unexpected consequences.

  • 1 person (1%) I got my GED! You talkin' to me like I'm stupid! You don't know me. Are we done? Are we done? 1 1%

  • 5 people (7%) ...yep. I'm gay. (Note from Leigh: Let me just be the first to say "I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!")


  • 4 people (5%) I had the most fabulous vacation! All expense paid trip to you know where! I posted so many photos on Facebook!!!!! Both of my friends who didn't unfriend me liked the album!

  • 4 people (5%) I tied my shoes this morning. (Note from Leigh: you need to select the option just above this next year)

  • 9 people (12%) (best option) FINE! I'm sending you a newsletter. Hold your horses. It's coming. (And out of those 9 people, only one actually did send me a newsletter!)

  • 39 people (51%) Other

What were some of the other responses?

  • raunchy sex in a hot tub (!!!!)

  • Maybe I visited someone awesome in NYC (yes she did. me.)

  • I've been sober for 15 months! (CONGRATS!!)

  • My dog died. (He wasn't joking.)

  • colonoscopies are the gay sex wave of the future

  • I'm busy! Newsletters take time! (You think I don't know this?!?!)

  • just had a great vacation with the family, and i'm thinking about seriousleigh dating again

Question I asked:  Did you realize you can subscribe to my blog?

Answers I got (it was a multiple choice question):

  • 14 people (18%) No, I had no idea. I'm copying and pasting this into another tab right now so I can subscribe: You can actually do this!!!!!! Click the link.

  • 20 people (26%) Yes! I'm already subscribed.

  • 13 people (17%) Yes. **side eye**

  • 5 people (7%) No. I had no idea. Interesting. Huh. Neat. Sounds fun. Oh, look what's on TV!!!

  • 24 people (32%) Other (most of these were snide remarks about me needing to tweet or get on tumblr, etc.)

I have the best friends!!!!!