I'm going to London on Sunday!!!! If you don't know, my dad is a United Methodist pastor in Houston, TX and he is currently participating in a pastor exchange. An English (not British--I was abruptly corrected in Times Square recently.  I didn't know that!) pastor came to preach at his church and he went to London for a month to preach at the English pastor's church. It's my dad's first time out of the country. I just thought this was so neat, I could not pass it up! I went to London on my first trip to Europe in 2004 with Cari Heffer (Leach) and now I'm going back for a second time.

Here's the where I'm living la vida loca:

6a - arrive at Newark airport 8a - flight leaves from New York 8p (3p my body's time) - flight arrives in London, then I have to FORCE myself to sleep with drugs or whatever else NEXT DAY 3:25a (10:25p my body's time) - I have to wake up, pretend I'm on the right schedule, and get ready for another airplane ride 6:25a (1:25a my body's time) - I have a flight that leaves London to go to Lübeck, Germany. 8:55a (2:55a my body's time) - I arrive in Lübeck to see my friend Niels. Even though it's 3a my body's time, Niels will be awake for a full day, ready to haaaaaaaaaaaaang out. Yeah, we'll see about that.

As you can see, I'm not staying immediately in London. I'm going to Germany VERY soon after touching down so that I can visit with my foreign exchange student friend, Niels Shröder. He's so much fun. I cannot wait to see him. I'll spend 3 days with Niels, then 4 days in London with my dad and stepmother. I CANNOT WAIT!!!

Wish me luck and send me places to visit.