July 29

What a DAY!! To use a phrase so many of my friends do, "Why is July 29 shitting on me?!"

After a first date, I got reply to my email saying that he wanted to be upfront and honest (ooo, attractive qualities!) that he didn't feel we had a sexual connection. Boo.

I got an email from my subleasee that she is "bowing out." Her job pushed her start date forward a month and because of that, she will not be taking my 2.5 month lease. She has her plane ticket already bought, she secured my place, she subleased her own apartment....but she will lose everything she has because she is too afraid to make a step without her job giving her a green light. Boo.

My super came today and plugged up the holes under my sink so that I wouldn't have any more mice! Yay! I found a mouse for the first time in a couple of weeks in my mousetrap seconds after returning home tonight. Boo.

This is the third day I've had this cold sensation on my throat (behind my Adam's Apple) that feels liks hunger. The problem is, it gets so serious that I sometimes feel nauseous the way you sometimes feel when you get extremely hungry. And it continues even if I am extremely full. Boo.

My gut tells me everything will fall into place. Today was just one big bummer.

What I learned: This has been the most stressful day I've had in a long while. I am so thankful and grateful that things like this are what stress me out. How blessed am I that this the worst thing I have to deal with. And besides, I can name at least 10 things positive that happened today.

  1. I made $48 tip on my 2-hour bike tour this morning.

  2. I met some new friends tonight at my first catering event for Creative Edge.

  3. I get to get up early in the morning and see a lot of sunlight.

  4. I worked at 2 jobs today, making me much needed money so that I can support myself in Ohio, even if I don't get another job.

  5. I have a really supportive friend in Kevin who is enough like me to relate and give intuitive advice that is extremely helpful.

  6. My mother was extremely supportive, as always, helping me to maintain my emotional well-being so that I can be fully present to serve others as much as possible.

  7. I slept a very good amount of time last night and woke up feeling very refreshed.

  8. I'm getting enough sunlight to give myself a tan, but not burn--and this is my first extended tan!

  9. I have funny friends that can always make me laugh, even when I'm totally bummed out!

  10. All the things I take for granted that are such a blessing: home, air conditioning, clean running water, nice apartment, intelligence, confidence, well-being.

I create my own luck.