Jamba means celebrate!

And today is a great day to celebrate because today was my LAST DAY! WOO HOO!

After re-reading my blog, it is apparent to me I was on-target from day one. I said I was a little scared to take this job, but as long as I maintained focus, I would prevail. Well, I lost focus. My whole world was Jamba Juice, and nothing else mattered. That prevented me from moving forward anywhere else as it took up all of my time anyway, so it's a positive thing.

What I learned: Everyone has something that lights their fire. It's so easy to forget when you get caught up in something else. That something else can be a crappy job, a partner, a child, or even a video game or television show. Put down your roommate, take a day off from work, and dump your boyfriend (DON'T KENNEL YOUR CHILD) and reevaluate what is important to you. What gets you charging out of your bed each day? If you don't know, you desperately need to find out.