Is He Gay?

Gaydar (not to be confused with lesbiandar) is a lot more complicated than people make it out to be. There are no surefire signs that make someone gay, but I realized today that I've subconsciously come up with a point system. With enough points, you can safely assume someone is gay. It's officially patented so feel free to use this, but only if you give me credit and royalties. Sign here: __________________________

Leigh's Official Gaydar Point System


1-3 points:  Eh.  Just a fluke. 4-6 points:  Watch his eyes.  You may need those extra points. 7-9 points:  Fairy wings may be sprouting 10 points or more: The parade is in town!

Tight jeans: 2 points Tight jeans in Texas: 6 points Styled hair at 6a: 4 points Limp wrists: 5 points Extended eye contact with men: 8 points At a gay bar: 1 point At a gay bar alone: 10 points Most friends are girls: 4 points Wide eyes: 1 point Gay voice (you know exactly what I mean): 5 points Loves showtunes: 2 points When you say, "Clang, clang, clang," does he sing "Went the trolley!!": 9 points His Facebook "Interested in" line is blank (and he's single): 9 points His Facebook movie list include Brokeback Mountain: 5 points Has a "unique" walk: 3 points Noticeably extra smiley when they see Leigh: 3 points Male flight attendant: 5 points Wears chapstick: 1 point Wears chapstick incessantly: 5 points Wears concealer: 7 points Wears nailpolish:  9 points Wears lipstick: 11 points Knows the choreography to the opening of Chorus Line and is an actor:  3 points Knows the choreography to the opening of Chorus Line and is not an actor:  Send him my number.

Now what??

Well, now that you know, can I just offer that you don't out him?  He needs to come out on his own time.  But if you're a girl in a relationship with him, RUN.  Run straight to the nearest musical with him and take him to that "open-minded" bar.  Keep him exposed to those things that are gay so he can start to get more comfortable with who he really is.  And keep your eyes open (NOT at those places) for your next man.  Because you're about to be single.  You deserve better anyway.