I'm not your ex-boyfriend, but you'll never know

I decided to visit the Apple Store today to see the iPad! This thing has been so hyped up since its announcement a month ago and I have some free time today, so why not? I mean, it's across the street from my work! As soon as work ended, I made the trek through the non-stop snow and waltzed on in. I made eye contact with an employee and smirked knowingly. I am so close to the iPad.

"Hi, where are the iPads?"

"Oh, they're not here," she replies.

What? They're not here. Are you kidding me? "Oh, when will you have them?"

"They'll get here in April. But you can sign up online to get notified when it does arrive."

I mindlessly follow her prompts and fill out the form, disappointed a tad. But really, it's okay. Today I'm getting an iPod Touch in the mail! FINALLY! So why not play with those? As I walk through the store, I see a lot of iPod Touches attached to laptops, presumably to get internet access. In the back of the store, I see a lot of individual and lonely iPod Touches.......no wait, iPhones. They're basically the same anyway, right? I just want to get an idea of what it's going to feel like to have my own iPod Touch.

So, of course I go to text messaging. Because my iPod Touch will surely have text messaging. *sarcastic face*

Interesting. Lots of phone numbers were in there. I wonder if it really texts. Well, I'll just open up some of these text messages. Oh my gosh. Yes. They DO text. Apparently some people before me discovered this out by texting their friends, most with the reply of, "who is this" Operation "Pretend to be someone they know" begins.

Someone texted to someone: "What up"

Random girl I don't know: "Jason?"

Presumably an hour, a day, or who knows has passed since this has been texted. I text: "Duh."

Random girl I don't know texts back: "Page?"

Me: "Yeah."

Her: "what do you want"

Me: "Just saying hello"

Her: "?"

Her: "you had 3 times you could see me before i moved from CT and you blew me off every time. i have nothing to say to you. i have a bf now."

WTF! WOW! Well shit. Me: "I'm sorry. I had a lot going on. I was too self involved."

Her: "You're never sorry. You said that yourself."

Ohhhh daaaaaamn! Me: "I didn't know how to apologize back then. It was a defense mechanism. Your boyfriend is a lucky guy. I hope he knows that."

Her: "My boyfriend is making me lunch right now."

Me: "I hope he takes care of you."

Her: "I was always trying to make you happy when I was with you instead of being myself. I realized that I don't need to do that, now that I'm with him"

Me: "I see that you've grown, which is great. You're in a better situation now."

Her: "I haven't grown. I just had to get away from you and I realized that."

Her again: "I don't want to hear from you. Leave me alone."

Me: "This was a bad idea. I never should have contacted. I just wanted to free you of thinking about me. I'm not worth your time."

Before she replied, me: "Please don't feel the need to respond. Live a good life without my negativity. Even though I may never say this out loud, I just wanted to say I'm sorry."

At that, I deleted her number from the messages box.

What I learned: DON'T TEXT SOMEONE YOU KNOW FROM AN iPHONE AT AN APPLE STORE. I may get a hold of it. And maybe change your life.

Oh, and Chris? I'm not really your friend Ryan from Atlanta and I won't really be meeting up with you on Saturday. The Apple Store employees found our text conversation pulled up when I walked away for a minute and totally started to read through it. So I left the store. Oops.