I will flip this table over...

I'm all about that catch phrase.  You know, the one that everyone hears only from you?  The one that you just drive into the ground?  The one that only you could get away with?  Well, apparentleigh, this used to be mine. Back at the University of Texas at Austin, I regularly scheduled a dinner time to eat with my amazing "first semester friends":  Lauren Polt, Liz Carpenter, Stephanie Williams, and Julie Lewis.  We always made time to eat together.  We were in this college thing together and we all had a grand sense of humor about things, so we made sure we saved this time just for us, and that was usually dinner at Jester on the 2nd floor.  Well, as usually was the case, I would pretend to get upset about something that one person said.  Allegedly, it went something like this:

Lauren:  "...and I couldn't believe how someone so tall could be so stupid."

Leigh:  Suddenly with a straight face, I'd drop my silverware and put my fingers on the bottom of the table ledge, palms up.  "What did you say?"  Dramatic pause.  Shaking my head, I'd say, "I will flip this table over...."

I'd complete it with "flipping the table over," flicking my fingers past the table edge.  And apparently, I'd do this about 4 times per meal, making it my catch phrase.  When I hear this story told to me (by Lauren, mostly), I laugh to myself because I don't recall specifically that I did specifically that, but I do vaguely recall that we would just laugh the WHOLE time at that table.  Then again, I'm not surprised.  That sounds exactly like something I would do.

"What do you mean that this sounds like something I'd do? I will flip this table over..."