Happy Thanksgiving. I quit.

I gave my 2 weeks notice to my secondary "extra money" job. For those of you that DON'T know, I work LOTS of time each week (5 shifts) at Rosa Mexicano (currently #14 on the Zagat scale, which is HUGE). I love that job and I excel at what I do. I am appreciated for my hard work and, as such, have been chosen by the managers to be one of the shift leaders when they need one since a manager was recently fired.

At Jamba Juice, I met a supercool co-worker named Bethany Saint Smith. She transferred from San Fran (Jamba headquarter city) and came knowing a lot of stuff. Cool as hell, funny, and very personable. Within a month, she quit without notice. Oops! Well, good news for me, she became a bar manager at M&R bar and got me hired at her sister restaurant, Marion's Continental! I learned a LOT from that job as a server, but since I already served 5 shifts per week and since the boss I had at Marion's is so insecure and wouldn't take the literal ONE second to make eye contact and say hi each day, I decided I'd like to bartend with Bethany downstairs. She said yes!

Fast forward to Thanksgiving. By this point, I worked upstairs at Marion's Continental for 2 months and at M&R bar for 1. Fun times and all, but then today happened. We had a large Thanksgiving dinner menu with 4 seatings every 2 hours. Since 90% of the people working were doing this for the first time, the first seating was a rough ride. Out of the 4 servers, clearly, I have the best, if not only, fine dining experience. The manager upstairs even commented that I always seem to walk out with so much money. I'm proud to say I'm good at what I do. Then why did he assign me to do DRINKS today? I'm supposed to pour drinks and serve drinks all day. And the bartender, Mark, that works at M&R with me? He's supposed to SERVE. He's NEVER done it before. Is today really the day to learn?!? NO!! (Turns out, as I would expect, he's super capable, but that wasn't my big issue...)

For one, I have more experience and I'm already seeing a lot of small things that need to be addressed. Secondly, my old boss even made a comment to watch out for him since he and his partner weren't completely on top of it yet (which makes sense as NEITHER of them had done it upstairs before!!!). Third, and most important, I was really starting to stress out. Instead of me being the "drink" person, I turned into a Server Assistant. I really started to see that it wasn't working with me being the drink person since the table always went to one waiter (my partner, the FOOD person). And the waitress I worked with didn't direct me (nor was she supposed to since I was "drink" and not her assistant). I have SO many skills better suited toward being a server anyway. I LOVE talking with people, so it would have been SO BORING to be a passive assistant all day. NOT my thing.

So right toward the beginning of the second seating, I went to my old boss to tell him, hey, I'm very much turning on into my server mode and would love to switch with Mark. He immediately cut me off and said no. We're not switching. I explained I'm in my server mode and can do well. He said no again, shutting me down. He explained that Mark is doing fine, which I agreed with! But I can do better! Aren't we supposed to be impressing on the biggest day of the year?! Not teaching! Come on! This is when I told him the biggest reason is because I am frustrated. I want to switch because I feel underutilized! I have so much to share! I can do so well as a server for you! I did it for 2 months upstairs, remember?!?! I'm good at what I do! And I'm proud of that.

To my astonishment, he said, no, and that it's not up for discussion. "What don't you understand?" If I opened my mouth, he'd just shut me off before I even completed a sentence! I was in shock! I couldn't believe and how disrespected, unappreciated, and hurt I was at that moment! And not even a discussion! Not because we're busy, but because he doesn't want to discuss reasons with me. Never in my life have a FELT such tension between myself and someone else. It was scathing. I could feel the negativity seeping from him and the pain of being rejected looming deep inside my soul. Ouch!

10 minutes later, and I lost it. I just went next door and started bawling. Now, let me put this in context. I am an EXTREMELY optimistic and forward looking person. It takes a LOT to make this guy cry! When I started crying next door, it was a huge sign for me--I haven't cried about something personal that's not a sad movie or death in the family type thing in a LONG time. So long, I can't remember.

What I learned: To me, his behavior was unacceptable and I choose not to be around negativity like that. I have enough drama in my life that I don't need his drama as well. So, best of luck, but goodbye. I'm out. It's time to do something better. At the end of that shift, I collected our amazing $350 for one 12-hour shift ($29/hour) and right before leaving, explained it to Bethany. "Two weeks."

So Marion's, best of luck. I'll probably visit to get the GREAT food there, but I don't pity your boss. Everyone knows and discusses it--only I have done something. Be well!