I just found out the FUNNIEST thing today. A week ago Thursday, I arrived in New York City reeeeal late. The next night, my first real night in the Big Apple, I decide to get really drunk. There's a long story attached to this I'll add later, but the part I found out follows. Understand I do not remember this....I was TOLD this:

Apparently after getting REALLY drunk, we all went to this bar called Collen's Bar. As usual, I was flailing my arms while I talked. So in the middle of one of my drunken speeches, I quickly move my arm around and knock over and off the table 5 glasses, which broke them. My friend Mari just immediately says, "LEIGH, you just need to leave. Go." I don't listen and keep talking and knock over another 5 glasses and break them as well. TEN GLASSES!

Oh self! You're so crazy!