Election Day Shocker

My mind cannot stop racing. It's on permanent tumble dry, with ideas flopping around in there, over and over, trying to make sense of this election. We now have President-Elect Donald J. Trump to watch in the Oval Office for the next four years. It is sickening for me to think about. 


I am a left leaning Centrist, politically.



I am blessed to have the background I do. On one hand, I was raised in Texas and have a Republican family. After graduation, I went to UT-Austin, studied diversity and multiculturalism, came out of the closet as a gay man, and have lived in NYC for 10 years, providing me with entirely different and often opposing viewpoints.

My immediate family is very sophisticated in how they participate civically. My parents, who are divorced and very individually different from each other, are both thoughtful Republicans and voted for Trump. My oldest brother, who started a Republican after-school group while in high school, is an outspoken Republican. (To be clear, he is an outspoken and moderate Republican who has penned the right-wing Republicans as the #FundamentalistTalibanTeaParty.) His perspectives have been incredibly enlightening to me. He voted for Johnson on principle. I don't know who my middle brother voted for, though he is very much a Centrist. I voted for Hillary.


I had an Election Day party. I bought an ice cream cake to celebrate Hillary's impending win to share with my friends. 



Everyone arrived jovial. We talked about doing the mannequin challenge for fun, just like Hillary did earlier that day. We were in good spirits. I had snacks out and made some hot foods.

Both of my parents had called me in response to a text message (not pertaining to the election) I had sent earlier in the day. I answered both calls with, "So, are you calling to congratulate me?" Boy, was I confident.

There was no exact time, but our mood at the party slowly started to change as we saw the numbers roll in. The first clue this was going to be an upset was when my mother texted me:



Well, that number went up to 95% as the night went on. And then the votes kept pouring in. Woah. I posted on Facebook.



Really, this can't be happening. No one could believe it. I felt like I had been punched in my stomach.

As the night continued, people started to leave. You could feel the disgust and disappointment in the air. The mood was as if I had thrown the most disappointing party ever. It's probably because I didn't bring out the cake.


I can't say that I (or many folks) slept soundly that night. My mind was racing:

The polls showed Hillary with a clear lead! How could they have been so off? How could so many people vote for Trump? Melania is going to be the First Lady? They're both so artificial, superficial, reality TV types. They represent the sensationalism and anti-intellectualism of America. And somehow, they still eeked out a win! Oh man, no woman President. Ouch. That hurts. That really hurts. No. Woman. President. Ugh. That's very upsetting. I really wanted her to win. I really wanted another glass ceiling to break. What's going to happen to my rights? To everyone's rights? What is going to happen to our country? President Trump? UGH. Just saying his name with President in front feels like a punch in the gut...

This went on for quite some time.

Obviously, we saw what happened next. Hillary Clinton conceding (something I NEVER imagined and still haven't watched in full). The View's reaction. Chelsea Handler cryingProtests in the streets. CPG Grey updating his electoral college video.


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