Double Decker Buses

The London public transportation system is a trip (pun not intended, I promise)! As soon as we got off the tube station at my dad's temporary house with my suitcase in tow, I immediately asked my dad where the bus station was. He points in the direction of two bus stops on opposing sides of the streets. To clarify, I point at the correct bus stop and confirm, "That one?" He says, "No, there," pointing at the other stop on the wrong side of the road. Oh boy, my dad is starting to go senile. I correct him and say, "You mean there." Amazingly, he points out the same stop and says in the same tone of voice, "No, there." OMG, my dad has gone cra...*click*...I'm in London!!!! Oops.

I get home around 9p, get to bed around 10p, and wake up at 1:30a. So tired. I get to the bus stop with plenty of time to spare and wait. (Side note: they have these very helpful ticker signs that tell you the countdown for all the buses about to arrive. As they would say here, "It's brilliant!"). I see the bus round the corner as it quickly charges down the road. I politely half wave and make eye contact. Oddly, he stops the bus nearly a full bus length past the bus stop. I'm thinking, this would never happen in NYC. No sooner did I step foot on the bus did the bus driver scold me for not waving harder. Um, good to know! Thank God I didn't have to discover that in a rushed £500 taxi to the airport!!!

THWACK! That's all you hear on this bus. It's the strangest thing. You see, their standard bus is that red double decker bus you see in movies. And they're HUGE! THWACK! The best part is the trees, which, despite attempting to grow over the road, have absolutely no chance. The buses run into them until there are no more limbs left over the road. As a result, all of the trees have a double decker bus shape cut out of them! THWACK! I love it!