Do what you love

I need to emphasize this over and over again...

DO WHAT YOU LOVE!!! Don't take second options and "for now" jobs. Why waste the energy you have on something you don't enjoy as much. Just go for it. Examples why:

  1. The Administrative Assistant where I work has worked at her job for 10 years. She's young and beautiful, but afraid to take risks. She feels worthless in her job but doesn't see any reason in moving. Her skillset in her passion is nill because she stays in the job and is afraid to do anything else. She's in a vicious cycle and it doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon.

  2. Okay. I myself am a superstar go-getter. I will do whatever it takes to succeed at the job I'm doing (read: Hall of the Year, Advisor of the Month, Exceptional OTM writer award). But in that, I am NOT being myself. I have had multiple panic attacks and my motivation during my job is not there. I am unsatisfied and I feel a little bit trapped. Especially since if I quit, I lose my housing too. That could easily be plugged into any job, though: "If I quit, I lose _______."

  3. My brother was in Houston for 3 years working as an Assistant to a doctor. He did nothing but sit and make and spend money. That's not what he wants with his life though. He wants to be a musician. He wants to edit music. So he got up and left to go to LA. He's pursuing his dreams. He's poor, but he's extremely happy that he's working on it.

What I learned: No more doing jobs I don't like. I better be passionate about them or I better get out. Humans were not made to feel or be trapped. Why do you think "stress" and "burnout" exist. These are things we MADE UP. Don't stress--it's not real.