Dear Crackberry Users

I hate what the Blackberry has done to you. Here's why. You used to be reliable. I used to be able to email you and, like the rest of this planet, you would read, understand, and reply at the appropriate time. Now that your phone is hooked up to your email, you now get my email that I sent at 2 am AT 2 AM. You were never meant to get it at that time. I wanted you to get it at work when you're working. Or at home when you're wide awake in front of your computer. That's why I sent you an electronic mail and not a cellular text. If I had wanted to text you, I would have. Instead, when I realize I needed an answer 2 days ago from you and ask you about it, I get a blank stare followed by a story about how my email is "probably on the second or third page now because I've gotten so much email since then. You know, out of sight, out of mind?" I missed the memo about you having 'closing hours.'

Remember when we used to have conversations and you used to actually listen? You know, with eye contact and no Blackberry in your hand? Now, as I sit and tell you an exciting story about my life, I see you hunched over your phone, rolling and clicking. When I ask, you tell me you're listening. But when I tell you the part about how he kissed me on the cheek, you don't light up and gasp like Shilpa did. You finish clicking a BBM to someone, look up, and stare at me blankly. Again. Yes, you're able to defensively recite exactly what I just said from your short term memory. You tell me you're a good multitasker, but guess what? It wasn't as enjoyable when I've told others. Besides, you don't remember I've told you that story twice before.

Now that you're on the Blackberry, the buzzing never stops. You get more texts and emails than you've ever gotten before. On those rare occasions when you are listening, it won't be long before you'll have to stop me and say, "Hold on one second," as your Blackberry message takes precedence over my life. Let me break it down for you--urgent, but NOT important. There's a huge difference.

Don't get me started on watching a movie with you and your phone.

You tell me your life is better because of your Blackberry. You're more effective, more efficient, more enthused. Maybe you are--at work. Maybe your boss loves how quick you get things done. Maybe your boss likes to communicate with you regularly. But I'm not your boss. I'm your friend. I'll be in your life a lot longer than she will. Throw your phone into your coffee. Or, at least answer my emails with gusto. Prioritize your time with me like I do with you. Listen fully.

This email is probably already on the second page.

I still love you, Leigh