Dead Mouse

Saw a mouse about a week ago. Not again. So I put out mouse traps, but to no avail thus far. The exterminator happened to come by two days ago, so he put out sticky pads to block the likely pathways. Oh no. Sticky pads!! Doesn't that mean I'm catching live mice? I asked what to do when one gets caught. He said to put two pads together and step on it. YIKES!!! Last night, a mouse got caught on the pad underneath the oven. I called the cell of Carlos, my Super. Straight to voicemail. Called Ethan, my Landlord. He suggested I kill it by putting it into a plastic shopping bag and hitting it with a dustpan. I was thinking, well shit, ours is plastic, that's no good. But I gotta do something. I put the sticky pad with the very alive but stuck mouse into a plastic bag and tied it shut. I looked around and, AHA, I saw my hiking shoe. Holding the shoe with my hand, I gave the mouse one medium hit and it was done. Not as bad as I thought it would be. The worst part was seeing it on the pad writhing when I put it in the bag.

Back when I was still on the phone with Ethan, I mentioned that the exterminator said that behind the dishwasher was where it might come in. I mentioned how Carlos had tried to cover the holes under the sink.

Ethan: "Poor Carlos."

You're tellin' me! He tries his hardest and still can never do it right. Ever. But I say, "Yeah, Carlos did the best he could, that's for sure."

Ethan: "Poor Carlos."

....wait a minute.... I say, "What do you mean, poor Carlos?"

"You didn't hear? Carlos passed away in May."


"Yeah, he was in an apartment working and died from a heart attack."

Thank God it wasn't mine. "Oh no! That's awful!! I had just tried to call his cell phone but it went straight to voicemail. I had no idea!!!"

Ethan replies, "Yeah, I have his cell phone right here. I haven't decided what to do with it yet. Maybe give it to one of the other workers?"

How about changing his freaking voicemail so it doesn't have YOUR voice announcing it's Carlos's cell phone? "So sorry to hear that."

"Well, I got you to stop thinking about the mouse, didn't I?"