CwG Weekly Bulletin #145: Direct Experience

CwG Weekly Bulletin #145: Direct Experience:

"Direct Experience

It is one thing to know yourself conceptually, and another thing to know yourself experientially.

For example, you may know conceptually that you are a loving person, but if you have never actually expressed your love to anyone, you will merely know love as a concept, not as an experience. You will have an idea about yourself, but not an experience of yourself. Do you see? Do you understand?

Now, God chose to have more than a mere concept about Itself. God chose to have an experience of Itself. God wanted to know Itself in Its own experience.

God chose to know what it felt like to be all-powerful, to be all-knowing, to be all-loving.

God chose to know what it felt like to be wisdom personified, courage displayed, love expressed.

God chose to know, experientially, every aspect of Its Being - that is to say, every aspect of Divinity.

To merely know about Itself was not enough. To merely understand was insufficient. For God, only the Direct Experience would do.

So God created you. You are the Direct Experience. You are God, Godding. You, and everything else in creation.

Since you are God, having the experience of Itself, and since God is The Creator, you, too, have the power to create.

You are using that power every moment - usually without even knowing it, usually without intending to. The creative power of God is enfolded into your every thought, your every word, your every deed. This process is thoroughly explained in CwG, Book 1.

So God's desire was to experience about Itself what It knew about Itself.

That is the greatest desire of your soul, too. All your soul really wishes to do is to have the direct experience of Who You "