CNN Hotties

I found this old draft of a blog I was starting to write entitled "CNN Hotties."  All I wrote was: "Television is a filth box. Seriousleigh."

HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHA.  What does that mean?  Any takers?

Well, I know this was a month after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.  I remember this was when I saw Rob Marciano for the first time on television.  Have you seen him?  He is a supermodel weatherman.  Putting him in the rain in New Orleans was just a treat!  Thank you, CNN!  I would certainleigh take a phone call from Don Lemon.  Lick me up a piece of that.  Thomas Roberts was also on CNN at that time.   And, hello, obviousleigh some Andy Coop.  I mean, is this Logo News?  Sexiness all over CNN!!!