Carpe Diem

This morning, I had a dream that someone I knew died. It was a friend who was killed suddenly in some kind of accident and I did not have the chance to say goodbye. Later in the dream, I was riding on a train and found out the end of the world was the end of this year (2005). I confirmed that with a friend of mine who was on the train with me. During this interaction, I saw my friend who died arise from the dead in spirit form and start to ride a horse of the Armageddon. I called out to him and was sad to discover that he was in a trance and wouldn't answer me. I was hurt and got to thinking how I really shouldn't waste anymore time and do what matters to me NOW. The earthly things I had been doing up to that point weren't fulfilling to me and I vowed to do the things that make a difference for the next 6 months, which is how long we had until the earth ceased to exist.

When I woke up, I was able to put my dream in today's context. The difference between my dream and real life is that I had the fortune of knowing my expiration date. Here on Earth, though, we don't know. It could be in 60, 70, hey who knows, maybe 100 years, or it could be tomorrow. So why are you living like you do know?

I could tell, it was not about death and dying, and I wasn't to be sad upon waking about someone in my dream passing on. Instead, it was about living your best life NOW. Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today.

I was reading in Conversations with God about how God communicates through your gut. If you don't listen to the small signs, he'll give you bigger and bigger signs until you listen. I think I saw a prime example of this very recently. Steven Cojocaru was on Oprah telling his story of how he had kidney failure and a kidney transplant. He explained that his subconscious was telling him that he should walk away from what he is doing. Parts of it he loved, but other parts were not in alignment with what is most important to him. His blood pressure was an unbelievable 200 over 100. He shouldn't have even been alive! On a big picture level, though, it took a kidney transplant to change his life. He wasn't listening to his gut which was screaming at him to do what's important to him.

What I learned: Carpe Diem! (this is Latin for "Seize the day!") Live each moment as if it is your last. Maybe that means for you to walk into every class, every meeting, every interaction you have with friends and be in the moment. Take mental photographs and cherish this moment. During your study breaks, take a walk and take in the school and the library and your apartment. You won't always be there. Maybe this means to stop putting off your hobby or craft. Do you want to work with Deaf children? Do you want to train seeing eye dogs? Have you always loved gardening? Why are you letting what other people think stop you? You are the only hurdle you need to cross to start living your best life. Don't wait until tomorrow. NOW is the only moment their truly is.