Busy Schedule

To give you an idea, here is the week of Valentine's Day:

Sunday - My day off.

  • I skipped the one audition that day. Oh, but not so free. I still went to New Jersey for brunch with Cleigh's friends from here. Cleigh is my grandmother's cousin.

Monday - Here we go!

  • 9:30a: Went to an Equity audition and signed up as non-eq, but was told they would call if they had time. Never got called.

  • 10a: Showed up at Chelsea Studios to audition for The Visit. Got seen, but had to reschedule dermatology appt. until later.

  • 12:30p: Did my Chipotle mystery shop.

  • 1:30p: Dermatology appt.

  • 2:30p: Merry-Go-Round audition. Signed up as number 60 or so on non-eq list. They had 140 or so Equity alternates in front of me. VERY unlikely to be seen. Left.

  • 3:30p: Went to Tesley & Company for musical 9 to 5. Not seeing non-eq.

  • 4:30p: Went home to get dinner and type up Chipotle review. Chill for a couple of hours

  • 6:30p: Left for audition in Bronx.

  • 7:30p: Audition for Nunsense A-men in Bronx. Get a callback!

  • 9p: Arrive home. Go to bed early.


  • 9:30a: Wake up and practice voice for auditions.

  • 10:30a: Tesley and Company for Leap of Faith auditions. Not seeing non-eq.

  • 12p: Chipotle mystery shop

  • 2p: Sign up for Lion King at Ripley Grier studios. Unlikely to be seen, so I leave to go to...

  • 3p: Bucks County Playhouse at Nola Studios. Get seen, but took a chance because I did not sing from list of songs. Know immediately I did not get callbacks (because they were giving immediate callbacks).

  • 5:45p: Straight to Rosa Mexicano to work until midnight.

  • 1a: Arrive home.


  • 10:30a: Get up and rehearse voice.

  • 12p: Skip two auditions because one was a dancer call and I didn't notice. The other was a show I auditioned for previously. Chipotle mystery shop instead.

  • 1p: Go to Equity building and see that Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera is not seeing non-eq.

  • 3:15p: Have an audition time set up for Merry-Go-Round, which is IDEAL, but not always possible. They see me now!

  • 5p: Go to Ripley Grier to see if a play is seeing non-eq. It is not.

  • 6p: Eat dinner.

  • 7p: Leave for Bronx

  • 8p: Callback in for Nunsense A-men! Get cast!!!

  • 11p: Arrive at my stop.

  • 11:15p: Go to nearby piano bar to rehearse new music.

  • 1a: Home


  • I do not remember what I did that day. I'm guessing I probably slept in because there were three auditions, only one unique that I had not already tried, but I skipped it.

  • 5:45p: Worked at Rosa until 1a.

  • 2a: Home


  • 10a: Woke up for auditions and rehearsed voice.

  • 11a: Went to Nola Studios to find out they are not seeing non-eqs.

  • 12p: Went to Shelter Studios to find out they are not seeing non-eqs.

  • 1p: Chipotle mystery shop

  • 2p: Went to voice lesson, but found out it had been cancelled, but had not been notified.

  • 4p: Worked from 4p until 1a.

  • 2a: Arrived home.


  • Possibly skipped audition for Music Man. Or found out they didn't see non-eqs. Can't remember.

  • 4p: Worked from 4p to 1a or so.

  • 12a: Went to the wrong location for a friend's birthday party.

  • 12:30a: Went to the right location for a second friend's party. Stayed until 1:30 or 2a because I had to repeat it all again the next week.

The following week:

  • Went to 12 auditions. Got seen at 2.

  • Worked 4 nights.

  • Attended 1 party. Didn't drink.

The following week:

  • Went to 10 auditions. Got seen at 3.

  • Got fired.

  • Had 2 job interviews.

  • Had 2 rehearsals for Nunsense.

I mean it when I say I'm busy!