Bronze Medal

I look at my career like an Olympian would. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and coaching to achieve the highest honors (Broadway) in musical theatre. Like Olympians, I am looking for the gold. Unlike other musical theatre performers, though, I am not looking to make a career out of this (though I will not walk away from a successful career, mind you). I want to achieve a gold medal, then move on to other dreams, such as getting a Masters in Counseling. Here's my breakdown:

Bronze Medal: Non-Equity Regional Theatre Silver Medal: Equity Regional Theatre or Off-Broadway or National Tour Gold Medal: Broadway or 1st National Tour

And I've attained my first bronze medal! YAY!

What I learned: I should be proud no matter what level of theatre I make it to. This helps me put it into perspective, too. I can be happy with a non-Equity theatre that pays nothing knowing that it is still an achievement to be proud of. When I get a medal, I'm successfully getting paid for doing what I love to do.