Birthday Bash (part 2)

I had such a fantastic time last night at my birthday celebration. In attendance were the Longhorn Singers and groupies (party-in-a-box), the OA clique (that's left), the q's (mo's), DIXON!, ADAM!, and a phone call from Anthony Sobotik! WHAT WHAT?!? I am so blessed. Rachel Shell is so kind and so inviting. She's taught me a lot about hosting. David is soooo cool! I've got a lot to learn from him.

I've been sick these past few days with a cold, but the things that have happened this week have all but made it the best! Thank you, everyone!

Prayer works. People smiling and enjoying themselves makes me so happy.

What I learned: Throw a party for your friends. Do everything for them. Don't let them move a muscle. And if you're worried about what's in it for it more than once, you'll for sure get the favor returned. But goodness, do it because you love that friend.