Banned for LIFE!!

FINALLY, something interesting happened!

I was invited to my ex-boss/new friend's (Danny's) birthday party. It's at this club called Retreat. He warned everyone to come early because the place is small. I couldn't come early because I work on Saturday nights at my restaurant. I do have to work the following morning, so I decided that when I got off, I would quickly stop by, say hello, and leave.

Saturday night comes around and I FORGOT that his party was that night, so I hadn't brought any nice clothes to work. I walked to Retreat wearing my satchel, a black t-shirt, black easy-cut baggy pants, and non-slip shoes. As is my nature, I don't care what people would think. I'M the important arrival, not my clothes.

When I get there, it's about 1:30 am, the place has no sign (so I had to ask if this place was Retreat), there are 15 people waiting outside in a groups behind tensabarriers, and there's a metrosexual, preppy, Black doorman guarding the place (not very scary). Already, I'm a little worried that I won't get let in because of my outfit. I just want to say hello! As I wait in line, a group of 7 very attractive McBlonds are in front of me chatting away about sorority life, why they're not being let into the bar right away, and who invited the one annoying brunette.

"Why are we friends with her anyway?'
"She can be so mean."
"She is such a bitch."
"She's not always so bad."

Brunette arrives.

"HIIIIIIII, Carly! How are you??"
"Good to see you again!"
*all hug*

After waiting about 5 minutes, one of the McBlonds asks the preppy doorman how much longer we have to wait. He says about 5-10 minutes. When she immediately tells her girlfriend on the phone this, he changes his mind and says 10-15 minutes.

15 minutes later: many people walk in and out of this place (but mostly out). One guy walks by the McBlonds and tells them that the doormen should let them inside because no one cute is inside and the place is empty! Typical. This club becomes less and less attractive to me. "The Retreat?" More like "the Chore."

Soon after this, trouble brews. A group rushes in past the doorman. The freshman doorman tries to go inside and chase the people out, but he doesn't know who is who. A blond girl is getting kicked out. Friends are in shock and yelling after the doorman. A moment later, the blond girl says to let her blond male friend outside.

"Escort him out! Let him out here. Do you want me to call the cops?!?!?"

The second doorman, a tall, white, metrosexual wannabe doorman tells her calmly to go ahead and call the cops because SHE is the crazy one. Another 10 minutes pass before my current boss, Travis, arrives. He and his friend (and also ex-coworker) Justin arrive with a group. Travis tires of the wait very quickly and peaces out. Good call, Travis.

At 2 am, the wannabe doorman suddenly tells the group waiting outside (of which Justin and I are in the the front of) to leave. He explains that no one else is going to be let in. We're stunned. Really? At 2 am? This is New York. Are you kidding me? NO one is stupid enough to pass on people ready to spend money. Maybe this is another ploy to make this place "cool." By letting no one else in.

Oddly, the doorman seems sort of frantic about getting us to go away. "Guys, I need you to leave. Go!" I'm a bit appalled at his behavior. You make me wait outside for 30 minutes, you let at least 30 other people enter based on your own whim, you suddenly close down without warning, and you have the audacity to aggressively tell me to go away?! You don't impress me.

Then I notice to on the street the COPS! HA! That's why he's scared. They're getting raided! Justin, his girlfriend, and I are the last people still waiting in the "line area," though we've obviously moved back a large step to signify we're not waiting to get in. We just want to see Danny. He, for the third time approaches us and tells us to go. Without a beat, I respond, "We're waiting on our friend, Danny. He's celebrating his birthday inside." The guy tells us he's not getting in, again, and to go away. So I tell him no!

He looks at me shocked. Me: "You made me wait out here for 30 minutes! Why should I do you a favor?! You didn't do me a favor! I'm fine!"

He says, "Fine, then don't ever come back here." Immediately, I replied, well fine! I told him exactly how I was feeling since I arrived: "It's not like I want to come back here ever again anyway!" Clearly powerless, the wannabe doorman walks 5 steps the other direction and stands there. He again watches the cops and pulls out his PDA phone, trying to look as cool as possible.

What I learned: While places like this are fun to attend on the rare occasion, I prefer to keep it the rare occasion. puhhLEIGHze. I am worth more than being judged based on this guy's training to keep people waiting so that they feel special when they get let in. I feel special now. It's demeaning to be treated like I'm not good enough and I choose better.

That said, it was totally worth it! I GOT FUCKING BANNED FROM A BAR! Awesome!