Arriving in Deutschland!

Oh man, Germany was a BLAST! Getting there was a mess. I flew from NYC to my dad's temporary home in London, arriving at 9p, and had to wake up at 1:30a to get ready for the looooong trip. It took a 2:15a bus to a 3:40a train to a 6:25a flight to a 9:35a German bus. And yet, I was wired the whole time! You know, Christmas Eve?

After my Ryanair experience, it was a happy moment to arrive in Germany. I don't care if I don't understand any of the signs--Niels lives here!!!

I hesitantly got on a bus with everything written in German. Thankfully, it was the correct bus. When I finally arrive, I'm anxiously looking out the window to see if I see him. Niels said he'd meet me in front of the McDonald's at Central Station and no sooner did we drive by the bus station did I see the golden arches. I see a guy in a gray hoodie in front of the McDonald's (I was wearing the same thing! Great style, Niels!). The driver parked and I excitedly grabbed my bag and ran out to the meeting spot. Nothing. I ran to the back. Nothing. I ran inside and looked around. Nothing. That's okay. Niels is very responsible. I know he'll show up.

15 minutes after the meeting time, he walks up the stairs from the underground (not wearing a gray sweater...oh). Glorious joy!! Niels Schröder! I run and hug a 5 years in waiting hug and boy was it sweet!

As we're walking to his car, he says how fortunate he was to run into me. Um, you were 15 minutes late, but I'll let that go. I shared with him the story about seeing the guy in the gray hoodie and waiting at the McDonald's. He appears relieved. I ask him why. Pointing across the street and a block down from the bus station, he says, "THAT'S Central Station."

Wait, so...