absoluteLEIGH: Leigh's submission for Oprah's reality show contest

I'm up for a reality show, y'all!!!  See it here!  http://bit.ly/bwqphu


Oprah is ending her show at the end of this season in 2011.  She is starting her own television network that will premiere on 1/11/11 called the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).  On Friday, 5/14/10, she announced a search to find the "Next TV Star," and the winner will have their own show!  It will be a reality show with 9 participants being chosen from the 4 open calls across the nation and 1 participant  being chosen from online.  The online participant will be selected from the top 5 videos.

Current Situation

It took me a few days to get my act together and create a video, but I'm very proud of what I made and found infinitely better than the ones that were posted the first day.  You can see it here:  http://bit.ly/bwqphu.  After four frustrating submissions (due to copyright issues, length issues, essay questions, and software breakdown), I finally got my video up a week later, on Friday, 5/21/10.   Well, get this:  the top video had 720,000 votes already!!!  WHAT?!?!   That's over 100,000 votes/day!  Are you kidding me!!?  But I'm not worried.  This contest lasts until 7/3/10, so there's time and I'm confident in my product.  It's not about who's starts first.  It's about who finishes first.

Action Plan

If you know me, you know I'm not doing this lying down.  I'm on a mission and I'm going to win through sheer determination, teamwork, and with YOUR HELP!  This is how I see this going.  The main plan is just to get to the top 5.  If I can crack into the top 5, then guess what?  Every time the MAIN PAGE pops up, guess who's video will show up with it?  Then all of America can choose the best as well.  So that's really the goal here.

Voting Guidelines

Here are things you should know about the voting process:

  1. There is no limit the number of votes you can do per day. This means that one person could vote 100,000 times/day! Good news so that I can move up.

  2. The votes take up to 4 hours to appear. So pLEIGHze keep voting even if you do not see the number of votes go up.

  3. One vote per day is a nice gesture. 1,000 votes per day will get some real momentum. If 100 people each vote 1,000 times per day, that will be the 100,000 votes/day I need to catch up and surpass first place! And don't think you need to do it all at once. Break it up into 4 sessions of 250 each. Or do 100 at a time.

  4. There's an easier way to vote. I've come up with a slick method for voting. See the section below titled "Voting methods."

  5. The easiest way to get there is this shortcut they provided: http://bit.ly/bwqphu

Voting Methods

Updated 6/3/10

I've discovered four ways to vote:

  1. Mouse only

  2. Mouse + space bar

  3. Best method: Super click

  4. iPhone (smartphone) method

Mouse only method

This is the traditional method.  You go to the site (http://bit.ly/bwqphu) and wait for it to load, scroll down and click on the vote button, then wait for the next page to load.  Scroll down and click the "Back to Previous" button.  Repeat.

Mouse + space bar

This is a little faster.  Instead of using the mouse to scroll down on the second page, you click the space bar.  So you go to the site (http://bit.ly/bwqphu) and wait for it to load.  Scroll down below the video and click the Vote button.  Here's where the trick comes in.  Touch the space bar ONE TIME and put your mouse over the "Back to Previous" button.  Before you click anything, literally put your left finger on the monitor, right over the mouse arrow. Without lifting your left finger, click your mouse button.  The previous page will reload.  Without lifting your left finger, you're going to scroll the page so that the vote button is underneath your finger.  That way, the vote and "Back to Previous" button will be in the same place on both pages.  You can remove your finger.  YOU'RE DONE MOVING THE MOUSE.   Click the vote button and only use the spacebar, and then use the mouse button to click.  So the new pattern will be:  click - space bar - click.  Click - space bar - click.  etc.  You'll find that this speeds up the process tremendously.

Super clicking

This is the most effective and quickest way to vote.  Go to the site (http://bit.ly/bwqphu) and click the vote button button below the video.  YOU'RE DONE MOVING THE MOUSE.  As soon as the next page begins to load, click the backspace key (or on Macs only, click delete).  On most browsers, this works exactly like a back button, so it should take you to the exact page where you were.  Click again and repeat the process.  So the pattern is:  Click - backspace.  Click - backspace.  Click - backspace.   Voila!

iPhone Method

There is one more method.  You can actually click using your iPhone (or wifi-connected iPod Touch).  Go to the site (http://bit.ly/bwqphu) and resize your screen so it looks like this:

iPod iPhone pic

iPod iPhone pic

That green button on the bottom is the vote button.  This keeps the vote button visible to you so you can easily click on it without have to scroll each time.  Click the green button.  When the next page starts loading, touch the back (<) key.  Repeat.

To save this as a app, click the + button, then click "Add to Home Screen."

If you have another smartphone that can access the internet, you should be able to click as well on your phone!!

NOTE:  With this new page they created where you click the "back to previous" button, it's possible that the first page where you vote will never update unless you manually refresh the page (by pressing F5, for example), even if you've been clicking for 4 hours, so reload if you want to see if maaaaaybe the number has changed.

Marketing Ideas

If you would be so kind to help, here are some ideas to get this going:

  • Click the Facebook/Twitter buttons on the Oprah video page and share.

  • Post this on your Facebook wall over and over.

  • Talk about it, talk about it, talk about it.

  • Click during your TV shows.

  • Click during your meals.

  • Hold a clicking party.

  • Have a click contest with your friends.

  • Have your office join in.

  • Recruit click warriors to do 10,000 clicks/day.

  • Recuit click helpers to do 1,000/clicks/day.

Bottom Line

I am soooooooooooooo grateful you've read this far and are willing to make an effort to help me make my dreams come true.  What comes around, goes around.  Know that your dedication and willingness will definitely be returned tenfold for your assistance.  I'm eternally thankful to have friends and family like you.  I love you.

Please pass this on!!