absoluteLEIGH is now absoluteLEIGHtv

...not that you care.  Or would have noticed.  But this is a great change!! If you google absoluteLEIGH, there are about 3 other people that have come up with the same name.  As witty and original as I think I am, it was only time before the other Leigh's of this world realized they could add Leigh to the end of words.  And apparentLEIGH, some of them beat me to the punch.  I was not able to get the Twitter for absoluteleigh due to an Australian woman.   And absoluteleigh.com was taken already by my biggest competitor on the Oprah show contest.  That concerned me....until I came up with absoluteLEIGHtv.  I LOVE the title, its future implication, and its originality!

So join me in celebrating my new show name by BUYING A TICKET TO THE SEASON OPENER on 9/16! All details are at www.absoluteleightv.com.  Here's the new logo:



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