absoluteLeigh on egarage.tv

UPDATE:  Weekly details posted at www.leighcambre.com/absoluteLEIGH I am SO thrilled (and SO terrified) to be announcing the RETURN OF absoluteLEIGH!!!!!!!!


After 3 years of moderate success in musical theatre, I decided in December of 2009 to go after what I'm really good at (being myself, otherwise known as hosting) as opposed to fighting an uphill battle at what I'm pretty good at (humorous acting and singing) combined with what I'm hardly good at (dancing and serious acting) via musical theatre.  So I decided in 2010, I'm going to BEGIN "LeighTube."  The first half of 2010 became a deliberation period until Oprah's contest put me into action .  I did extremeleigh well, but it was not enough to get me on her show.  Fine.  I will do this on my own, I said.  That was in July.  Let me tell you.  I FROZE for the rest of 2010.

Fortunateleigh, I have a WONDERFUL friend, Daya Mendez, who opted to work with me as an accountability partner starting in January of 2011.  And it CHANGED MY LIFE!  I immediately started planning again and within 2 sessions, I created a 3-week process:

  1. Plan 2 segments.

  2. Record 2 segments.

  3. Edit 2 segments.

That meant that every 3 weeks, I'd have material for two 3-minute YouTube shows.  I didn't want to do longer simply because I feared that YouTube attention spans are short.  My grand plan?  Cycle this process all year long and by the end of 2011, I'll have at least 30 shows.  And ONLY THEN would I start putting them up online.  Why?  So I can maintain my process.  I don't want to put up a video, get a lot of attention, and then have nothing to post for a long period of time.  AND I know I'll get better and quicker as time goes on.   Those first weeks were just going to be the hardest.

Bigger Dreams

As would happen, I put out energy into the world, and the world returns in 5 fold.  On a whim, I decided to audition for an internet TV show.  An ex-IT expert, Dennis Cieri, decided after early retirement to pour his savings into creating an internet "TV network."  It's called eGARAGE.  He advertised to produce a show called LGBT Lifestyles.  I decided to respond to that ad, hoping it would give me experience and possibly money while I work on absoluteLeigh.  Just before auditioning, he mentions that if anyone has other ideas, to please pitch them, because he has tons of slots to fill.  WHAT?!  So I immediately scribble down some notes and start rehearsing in my head what I'm going to tell him about absoluteLeigh.  He calls my name, I give my pitch, and he gives me his business card!  That's where it begins!

So get this:  I suddenly went from Daya filming me with my Flip Cam and being my own producer, host, editor, and underwriter for a 3-minute clip show to having:

  • a professional studio with a backstage

  • 3 professional cameras

  • 3 cameramen

  • a director

  • a studio audience

  • a pre-produced website

  • an editor

  • a graphic designer

  • live streaming on a professional grade website

  • 50-minute timeslot

  • filming and airing LIVE weekly!

He's currently building the studio as I write this at the end of February.  It's small and quaint, but it's a beginning and experience!  I cannot WAIT!

Watching the Show ONLINE

I'm still waiting on details for this.  I know this much:  my filming slot is Tuesdays from 8:30p to 10p.  As of today, I understand you can catch my show on the eGarage website starting Wednesday nights at www.egarage.tv.  It'll be up for one week.  After that week, you must pay to download it (or maybe you pay the monthly membership fee to see all videos?).

Watching the Show LIVE

For those of you in NYC, you can actually ATTEND the live taping for $10, which you can (eventualLeigh) purchase online, or just pay at the door.  AWESOME UPDATE: With your ticket, you get ONE FREE DRINK! You can arrive every Tuesday at 8:30p (no need to come earlier) at the eGarage, which is located at 44-02 23rd Street, studio 104, Long Island City, NY 11101  (23rd St/Ely Ave/Court Square stop E,G,M,7).   Their phone number is 718.361.2942.  I promise it'll be an experience you don't want to miss.  You can say you know the host!!