How You Found My Site

God I love Google Analytics! I was looking up details on how people were finding my life coaching business.  On a whim, I decided to see how people were finding my personal website in the past year.  The results?  To DIE for....

  • CNN Hotties (364 unique hits from just this!! I must be on to something!)

  • royal wedding pictures (what?)

  • royal wedding (huh?)

  • royal wedding photos (wtf? between those three, I got over 450 hits.)

  • smokers teeth (check out that gem to see why)

  • why winter is better

  • jamba juice mormon (this is not what they probably wanted when they were searching for this, but a hilarious entry I must say!)

  • cock blocking yourself (there's actually quite a large amount of different version of cock blocking searches that hit my site. Too bad it was all self-motivated. Missed opportunity?)

Now we're onto the 1 visit or less section.  Oh my baby Jesus, I thank you:

  • "pentagon spurned plan to initiate enemy homosexuality" (word for word)


  • absolteleigh

  • absoluteliegh

  • absolute liegh ny (okay, i'll give you that my name might different, but thank God for Google, you still got to my site...)

  • anyway communication cambre (I would love to know what they were searching for)

  • außenalster (........)

  • boyfriend blew me off 3 times (well, I can't help you)

  • cambre cock (only one search??? Damn!)

  • cambre swamp people

  • can i suck it (are the last 3 related?)

  • justin timberlake ass hold gay free (they are going to be extremely let down by whatever they found on my site)

  • shared asshole (my favorite pasttime!)

  • the cambre dream 2 (I didn't know there was a sequel!!!)

My most popular sites are these:

What is your favorite post?  How did you find my site?