20 Reasons Why Winter is Better

1. Sweaty pits from walking across the street? Gone.2. When I get out of the shower, my towel is waiting on the rack, warmed by the heating pipe. 3. Another bathroom advantage: because the bathroom has heat, getting out of the shower is warm and wonderful! 4. Snow = rain you can brush off before it soaks you. 5. Everyone is bundled up in their stylish outfits covering their flaws, therefore everyone looks better. 6. Christmas! 7. Everyone gets fatter, not just you. 8. Less waking up to the sun in your eye! 9. Less staying up until the sun rises. Oops! 10. Layering!! 11. Nothing beats going to sleep underneath a warm down comforter. 12. Clothes don't smell after one wear (but, uh, who wears any clothing more than once? Heh heh.) 13. Short lines at Broadway drawings and ice cream shops. 14. Fireplaces FINALLY get used. 15. A hot tea never tasted better. 16. Did I mention not breaking onto a sweat every time you enter the subway platform? 17. The homeless retreat from your doorstep. 18. There's a POSSIBILITY that the city will close down from inclement weather. 19. Ice skating, y'all! 20. Because I decided to believe in its beauty.